Working My Way Back…

… to all of you, babes. I’m taking some time off work to get once-and-for-all healthy, so I may be absent from time to time. Never fear, your Hoody is still here… just in serious tank-full–of-blue-goo-and-wires recovery mode!




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11 responses to “Working My Way Back…

  1. Thanks for checking in. Glad you are fixin’ yurself! Get well and we’ll see you on the flipside! HUGS.


  2. just so’s y’all know… we’re all getting matching tattoos when this is over!


  3. Well, geez, lady, you better get better, or I’ll kick your pancreas in pancreas.

    And we are TOTALLY getting matching tattoos on our pancreata (what the hell, Misty, is that Greek or something?)


  4. Take care of yourself, Hoody dear. I am taking some time off myself, but only because I will be working myself ragged for the next month on my son’s wedding. See you in July!


  5. Blue goo and wires? What are you doing, healing, or creating a Frankenstein monster?


  6. Good for you, about time!


  7. Wishing you luck deary. And sex. Cause luck and sex are both good.


  8. Well darn, I hope you get better soon. Really soon. That pancreas is one major twatwaffle. I’d sign up for the tattoo thingy, but I don’t think I want a tattoo of a pancreas. I mean, I looked them up and DAMN, those mofos are UGLY.


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