Way-ull, shee-ut!

I’ll be good-Gawd-damned, y’all. My G-6 Uncle Hatfield is on the gawddamn TV bein’ played by Kevin. Gawddamn. Costner. Look, here, G’Unc, say hallejujah!



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18 responses to “Way-ull, shee-ut!

  1. Whew…for a minute I thought you were going to say the McCoy’s….I kinda like Kevin over Bill!! And dagnabit…if I didn’t effin dream about them all fricking night!


  2. Rut-roh. I’m related by marriage to McCoys (Paxton’s mother)… I hope that doesn’t mean I can’t read your blog anymore…


  3. Ah don’t reckon ah understands wuts y’alls er conversatin bouts he-ah. Ah don spekin ze redneckese. Ahs bein a propa lady and alls. Dayum!


  4. I have just one question. How badly is Mr. Costner mangling THAT accent?


    • Strangely enough, taken as a whole, the accents aren’t that bad: the origin of the Southern accent is slowed-down Elizabethan English (think “Canterbury Tales on methadone). Costner, of course, only does one accent in every movie – which is “Costnerian.”


  5. Nevermind how badly Mr. Costner is mangling the accent–could you translate this post into English? My redneck is rusty (pun!).


  6. ARG! I had a lovely comment about everyone on H&M sounding like everyone I went to high school with, and then wordpress ate my comment.
    Oh well, rest assured it was a lovely comment full of hope and joy and moonshine. And somewhere way way down and sideways I’m a bit Hatfield too.


  7. Awww, I missed this on TV. How does it end? Does one of the McCoys somehow become your pancreas?


  8. Jen

    Shut the front door! You’re related to the Hatfields? That is so freaking rad, you have no idea.


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