Every Day Is a Winding Road

I know it’s been ages, but life is a highway and I’m seeing the road signs that say I should come back here…

I miss all y’all, and let’s face it: I got shit to say.


Love, HH


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5 responses to “Every Day Is a Winding Road

  1. Kathy Kyzer

    Yay, the drought is over! May I ask you a question before you get all famousy again? How does one read offerings from talented folks like yourself formerly found on your blogroll? For example, Jen e sais quoi over there. I’ve googled my face off only to be told you must be invited to read. How does one get invited to these sites, it would be so nice to reconnect, the majority are no longer, thank God you’re back, everyone will be so excited!


    • Hey, thanks for coming back!!! Unfortunately, I lost touch with a lot of folks during the Great Drought, so I haven’t updated the blog roll or the Royal Court yet. I’ll let y’all know when I figure out who’s still causing trouble on the interwebs!


    • I’m getting there! Thanks for sticking around! Next post will probably involve why my soulmate/cross to bear/punishment for my sins (we’ll just call him The Yankee) has suddenly decided to start sleeping in a position that can only be described as “praying mantis.”


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