Anatomy of Finding Something on the Floor

  1. See unidentified thing on floor.
  2. Look at it.
  3. Look at it.
  4. What IS it? Look harder at it.
  5. Look at it while tilting head.
  6. WHAT IS IT?
  7. Bend over to look at it.
  8. Look at it lookatitLOOKATIT
  9. Poke it.
  10. Poke it again.
  12. Pick it up.
  13. Drop it.
  14. Look for it.
  15. Look for it lookforitLOOKFORIT
  16. WHERE IS IT???
  17. IS IT ON ME???
  18. Flail uncontrollably.
  19. See second unidentifiable thing on floor.
  20. Repeat from Step 2.


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17 responses to “Anatomy of Finding Something on the Floor

  1. I dunno what’s on your floor, or what meds you’re on, so Imma wish you well 🙂


  2. And this is exactly why we invented Stick Science.


  3. When in doubt, whack it with a magazine first.


  4. DearSweetMama

    Sounds vaguely like vacuum science – run the vacuum over it – won’t pick up. Do it again – won’t pick up. Pick it up and look at it. Throw it back down in floor, run vacuum over it – won’t pick up. Sigh. Rinse, repeat.


  5. Rosie

    Lint, it was lint.


  6. Dear Sweet Mama has it exactly right – it’s just an offshoot of the vacuum thing! However, if I can’t identify something on the floor, I never get to step 12 – that is when I break out the vacuum cleaner to do the job – because if that sucker is alive, I don’t want to find out when it runs up my arm and into my hair!


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