My (Not So) Inner Beavis

As y’all should know by now, my sense of humor pretty much stopped maturing at around age 12.  Age 12 for a boy, in fact.  So I present:


1.  This:

Post-it® Super Sticky 4in. x 6in. Bangkok Color Notes, 3 Pads/Pack

Yes, those are Post-It notes that say “Bangkok.”  And yes, just reading the word “Bangkok” was enough to make me snort inappropriately at Staples and say, “Huh huh… Bangkok.”

I also may or may not have spent the rest of the day singing “West End Girls” in my head.

2.  Then this happened:

Dear Sweet Mama:  I’m hot, turn the furnace down.

Hoody Hoo:  To what?  It’s on 72, so 70?

DSM:  How about 69?

HH:  Huh huh…

DSM:  Go to your room.

3. And finally, this:


First off, “Beavers… huh, huh…”  And secondly, mine personally is sometimes a nuisance, but I’m told it’s often a boon to others, so go figure.  Eye of the beholder, and all that.

And also?  BEAVERS.


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