For Your Viewing Pleasure

As we all know, television viewership takes up a significant portion of my day (largely because I’m holed up in my room hiding from the increasingly-evil Concubine). So let’s all pick up our clickers and see what’s entertaining us now, shall we?

  • The Walking Dead (AMC):  Duh!  Dear Sweet Mama and mine’s Sunday ritual – I have no idea how we’re going to survive the midseason break!  We’ve already decided if we ever win the lottery, we’re buying up all their ad time so they can go commercial-free.
  • Witches of East End (Lifetime):  I know, LIFETIME?  Which is why I initially did not hold out much hope for this one, but it turns out it’s great!  For those of you who also watch, I’m officially Team Killian – Dash is a douche.
  • American Horror Story:  Coven (FX):  the first of the AHS series I’ve watched, kinda makes me want to catch up on the others!  Of course, that fine-ass Angela Bassett doesn’t hurt – like my Dear Sweet Grandmama always used to say, good black don’t crack!
  • Almost Human (FOX):  LOVE THIS!  Which means it’s guaranteed to get cancelled.  So eat up the Kennex and Dorian eye candy while you still can!
  • Atlantis (BBC America):  Just discovered this on the OnDemand.  So far, I’m very much liking it and considering throwing a little at Jason, Pythagoras and (as always) Hercules (what is it about Mark Addy?)
  • Breaking the Faith (TLC):  FLDS girls running away from the Warren Jeffs compound – how could I NOT be watching this???  It’s a little overacted at times, but forgivable.
  • Ancient Aliens (History):  Not only do I love this show on its own merits, it also affords me the opportunity to spend time with my unwitting fiance, Giorgio Tsoukalos.  Yeah, he doesn’t know it, but that crazy-haired little monkey SHALL BE MINE (Gilbert should be fine with it, it’s all about the gyros and the geek cred!)

I will also watch the shit out of any House, Bones, Castle, SVU or what have you, especially in marathon form.  And as we all know, I’m a HUUUUUGE dork, so I also spend a lot of time gettin’ my learn on, watching History and Discovery and such for fun.  My latest forays include a 2-hour show on The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and several shows about dinosaurs/cavemen/whatnot.

Also, it’s illegal to have a platypus for a pet.  Mother. Fucker.

Your turn, Hooligans – what boob-toobage can’t you live without?



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16 responses to “For Your Viewing Pleasure

    Logically, my brain screams, “this is silly shit, why are you watching this”, and the rest of me is all, “OMG, this has a catchy dramatic plot thick with beards and action, I can’t look away”. It’s good shit.
    It is also very loud in my head.


  2. I marathoned “Hemlock Grove” on Netflix streaming. Also, “House of Cards”, the American version, on the same. We don’t get real TV out here in the woods, but sometimes I catch up on “Big Bang Theory” on Showsday. I did a huge binge on “Sons of Anarchy” a while back, I need to catch up on that one.


  3. Chris Cochran

    Arrow, BBC Sherlock, & of course Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ooh, also Grimm.


  4. Hostages, sleepy hollow, The Following (which is between seasons), Modern Family. Those are my current faves


  5. Taryn

    Les Revenants (The Returned). Wentworth. Boardwalk Empire. New Girl. In Treatment. Game of Thrones.


  6. DearSweetMama

    Modern Family – and of course, deciding which character I am in that episode. I think I am mostly Cam. I love Sleepy Hollow – enough that I pestered the Concubine into taking me there our last trip to Ardsley. Bones – don’t get between me and the remote. House I hated at first and now like. Of course, the same for Grey’s Anatomy. Can’t wait for the Walking Dead and Downton Abbey to come back – now there would be an interesting combo show!! And wwwwhhhhyyyy did I get HBO if Game of Thrones is not on? I think it is time to watch the whole thing again.


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