Count Your Blessings

Ah, the things you realize when the power goes out!  The garage door doesn’t open, the frickin’ HEAT doesn’t come on… and, at least in the Northeast, YOU HAVE. NO. INTERNET.


Now, all the questions I’ve been so used to getting answers for with just a click of a mouse… go unanswered.  Just a sampling (plus the answers we found when the lights came back on):

1.  Why are there no black serial killers?  

Answer:  There ARE, they’re just not as publicized for some reason… probably racism.

2.  What kind of Asian is/was Yul Brynner?

A:  None.  He is/was Russian.

3.  Is Yul Brynner dead?

A:  Yes.

4.  Are (insert random list of celebrities) dead?

A:  Mostly.

5.  What’s the name of that movie where the people get cut in half by the wire that has that girl from ER in it?

A:  Ghost Ship.

And BONUS:  Do they make hard hats for dachshunds? 

A:  Yes.  Yes they do.



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11 responses to “Count Your Blessings

  1. I remember Ghost Ship. I saw the whole thing and then went back and watched the wire slicing thing like 10 times. It really was the highlight of the movie.

    I’m not a serial killer.


  2. Do you have a link for the hard hats? (Also, there’s a penis joke in there somewhere, I’m sure…)


  3. Ohm y god I adore you and you are hilarious. If I didn’t have y truth machine at my finger tips every day I would be a lot less knowledgable and a lot more annoyed.


  4. Ha ha! I knew the answers to all of those except 5! (I’ve never watched ER. Ever.) So, next time the power goes out, feel free to call me, because I understand the urgent need to KNOW ALL THE THINGS. But I also hope your power doesn’t go out again, and am very glad you have power back.


  5. Jen

    I’m really enjoying seeing your updates via DSM, etc. I love you. I wish I’d made things easier on you somehow while you were here.


  6. Cinema Sugar

    And oh yeah, once when there was nothing else on cable I watched Ghost Ship and wondered how a movie with that special effect driven scene had escaped my notice up until then.


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