I’m Still Standing…

Hey, Hooligans!

All in the Hoo Household made it through the storm alive — we JUST got power back!  More tomorrow on the experience!

Love you all,




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7 responses to “I’m Still Standing…

  1. Virago

    Thanks for letting us know!!! So glad you and DSM and the Concubine are safe!


  2. Oh good. I was worried I was going to hear a tale of cannibalism and horror (of course, being a week without power is KIND of horrible, unless you have a fire pit and a lot of marshmallows).


  3. I was worried about ya, Hoody. Glad you made it through!


  4. I’m glad you’re okay! I can’t wait to hear about all the looting and pillaging.


  5. Note for next time: It’s loot, THEN pillage. You get them mixed up, it’s a sad little Xmas. Voice of experience here.


  6. YEAH!!!!! Glad to see that you are doing just fine.


  7. holy fuck, you’re BACK!!! hallelujah and shit!!!
    hop back on twitter, girl, we miss you!


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