Get the F**k Off the Boardwalk!

Really, Nature?  REALLY?  No sooner do I move to the Northeast than it’s Perfect Storm time?  And WITHOUT that cute Marky Mark, either!  DAMMIT!

But don’t fret, my dear Hooligans, I shall survive.  DSM and I were already used to living without a stove or a kitchen sink… because we have no kitchen.  Seems The Concubine took a wild hair to have the whole damn kitchen torn out and redone… so if the storm gets really bad, I think this means we get to eat her first.  It’s only fair, after all!  And the contractor (who DSM says is named something that sounds like Mr. Havapissian and I insist cannot POSSIBLY be named that — I’m just not that lucky!) says the new kitchen should be done sometime next week, so it’s all good.

This is just a quick update before the fuckin’ “Frankenstorm” as the papers up here are calling it knocks out the power — back later with tales of looting and pillaging… and how the neighbors react to me doing it…

Love y’all,




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9 responses to “Get the F**k Off the Boardwalk!

  1. Don’t forget to get your panicked hoarding in early. I recommend grabbing all the hot dog buns.


  2. Looting and pillaging is THE AWESOMEST.

    Not that I know anything about that. Ahem.

    So. Um. What did you do to piss of the weather gods, Hoody? I mean, seriously.

    And also… stay safe. Make sure you got your canned meat and lots of booze… er. WATER handy.


  3. Just be sure to watch out for flying Guidos…


  4. Stay safe! And don’t forget to hoard bread, milk, and Halloween candy.


  5. I take back my request to move in with you. 🙂


  6. Whew! Glad you’re surviving. Miss you on the Twitters!


  7. Be safe. And “hunker down.” That seems to be the key phrase of Sandy so far. Enjoy Frankenstorming!!!


  8. I hope you survived! I hate renos. At least Hubby is a carpenter and can do all the work for me. I think I’ll take to calling him Mr Havapissian.


  9. God I love the word pillaging. So fun to say.
    I do hope you and yours made it through the storm. Rumor has it, Sandy is a total bitch who likes to destroy things in a fit of natural rage.


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