Alright, that’s it. The apartment upstairs (between me and Black Lawyer) is haunted. I have lived here 5 damn years and no one ever stays in it long, and now the people who loudly crashed and banged as they moved in 2 weeks ago are loudly crashing and banging as they move out! And La Migra ain’t even come yet, so it has to be ghosts.



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14 responses to “Spooooooooky…

  1. You must be right. It was already “occupied” when the renters showed up… of course, it doesn’t have to be ghosts, does it? Maybe it’s vampires or something.

    You’re welcome.


    • Oddly enough, DSM and I did refer to a many-times-previous tenant as “the White Trash Meth Head Vampires” because they neeeeeeeeever slept – not ever – they were always up making weird noises day and night!


  2. It’s maybe the ghost of an La Mirga who became a vampire and who also changes the TV all the time, but only to The View.
    I’d move too.


    • dear lawd, I actually have a relative who claims to have a ghost that turns the tv to the Catholic channel all the time. You and I seriously have to be related!


  3. Maybe you should burn some sage, have a smudging ritual, and try to make peace with the ghost so you can have peace.

    (Now, I don’t know if I believe in ghosts or not. But I do believe you can never be too careful. And burning some sage can’t hurt. Plus, it smells good.)


    • I always find that whenever I burn sage for cleaning or ritual or what not, Poor Ol’ Dad is guaranteed to come over the next day and think I’ve been smokin’ the dope! You’d think a cop could tell the difference…


  4. I would like to stay there one night. Can I sign a one night lease?


  5. Maybe YOU’RE the ghost! That doesn’t make a lot of sense but it seems to be a regular twist in movies.


  6. I’ve lived in two different houses with poltergeists. One threw things at us whenever we ventured near his domain (the water heater room). The other one used to mess with electricity, constantly resetting timers or mucking up digital clocks or turning the TV on in the dead of night.

    In neither case did we move out. We simply rearranged our existence around them. Your neighbors are wimps.


    • When I lived with the Evil Troll, something used to try to shove me into the washing machine (I think it was his dead granny, who never liked any of my family much). So I refused to do laundry or even go in the basement for fear she’d kill me. Worked for me!


  7. Please call the ghost tv shows and capitalize on this before they decide to move. Someone needs to. After all, that is what ghosts are for.


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