No Whammies, No Whammies…

aaaaaaaaaand STOP! Woo-hoo, bitches, no surgery!

Now, back to my temp job as a researcher for Dear Sweet Mama:
“3-6-9, the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line.
The line broke, the monkey got choke
An’ they all went to heaven in a little row boat!”

I really ought to go back to work…



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25 responses to “No Whammies, No Whammies…

  1. hazzah! congrats!


  2. This post makes it seem like perhaps you have gone insane…

    (yay for no surgery!)


  3. PS – I’m in the Royal Court?! That totally just made my day.


  4. Sounds like DSM has been paying attention to the commercials on TV…


    • Oh, and let me answer the question in your Tweet (that I just saw here) about what Meat Loaf means by “that,” in “I won’t do that.

      Mr. Loaf answered this question himself on VH1’s Storytellers, using a blackboard and pointer. “That” in question always refers to the statement immediately preceding the line in the chorus.

      For example: “I’ll never stop dreamin’ bout you ever night of my life… no way…”

      I would do anything for love (insert repetition) but I won’t do THAT”… meaning the dreaming about you.

      See? Easy!


  5. Big Bucks! Big Bucks! (I loved that show, btw)
    Congrats on avoiding the knife!


  6. Woo and might I add Hoo!! It pleases me greatly to hear of your non-pending surgery. Does this mean youse be alls betta nows, sistah??

    Really though, how are you feeling? What’s been going on? I miss ya!!

    Might you be able to travel to B-more sometime this summer for a ballgame? I know you usually visit our fair city to see dem O’s play each summer. I’m wondering how this recent ailment will affect that.


  7. Yay for no surgery! I, too, hope you are soon well enough to return to work.


  8. No surgery is good. Verrrrry verrrry good. The flapper is please.


  9. No surgery is always cause for celebration! But damn, we gotta send you some activity books or something. Research on the internet never goes anyplace good….

    I always thought Meatloaf was referring to performing oral sex on a woman, and by “always” I mean I’ve thought that since college. No clue why. Maybe I confused him with one of my college ex-boyfriends? It was kind of a muddled time anyway.


  10. Jo

    Dayum, Hoody, did you get just a LITTLE giddy about the “no surgery” thing? (Congrats!!!)


  11. Awesome on the no surgery thingy! Yay!

    And who the fuck wants to go back to work? (says Leauxra who just got back from vacation and has to go to work on Monday. Fuckers)


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