Just a Little Off the Ends…

… of your fingers.  Yep, before I Shelby’d out at the hair salon, I learned something I never would have thought:  hairdressing is a dangerous damn job!

The gal cutting my hair had a big ol’ bandaid on one of her fingers and was considering going to get stitches… because she’d gashed her own hand open cutting somebody’s hair!  Apparently their professional-haircutting-scissors are sharper than Duncan McLeod’s katana, and they’ll cut right through your ass.  One of the other stylists came over and showed me all her little white scars all over her fingers, and then they got to talking about other Hideous Injuries in Hairdressing.

The WORST one was a girl my stylist went to beauty school with… who cut the EN-tire tip of her own damn finger off!  WTF?  How is it that I never knew this??? AND WHY THE FUCK DO THOSE SCISSORS HAVE TO BE SO SHARP???

Dear Sweet Mama used to cut my hair with the scissors from her sewing basket, and I don’t recall her having to press the handles down especially hard to cut through the hairs.  Seriously?  It’s just HAIR, how can it possibly necessitate scissors you could perform surgery with?

So next time you get your hairs cut, be sure you tip generously.  Not only is your hairdresser taking her life in her own hands every time she comes to work, but she’s also immune to pain and armed with some serious weapons!



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21 responses to “Just a Little Off the Ends…

  1. Eeek! Did she bleed all over someone’s hair?!


    • I dunno, it was before I got there… but she did say she’d had to mop up the blood she had — and I quote — “dripped all over the floor.” When there’s drippage, that’s some serious shit, yo!


  2. Several years ago a girl who was cutting my hair actually cut herself. She bled like a stuck pig and of course it dripped onto my hair. Dangerous work, indeed. Thinking of inventing some lightweight chain mail gloves for hairdressers….patent pending.


  3. Sounds like this could be the next reality show in the “Most Dangerous Catch” genre… The Most Dangerous Cuts! The real-life dangers of hair cuttery.

    You have to wonder how stiff that hair was the girl was cutting, that she needed so much pressure to cut through. OR, maybe she had this carpal tunnel thing where her finger was numb so she couldn’t feel it when the blades cut into it. She would have been like, “Damn, this is some tough hair! Hey, why is the hair bleeding?”


  4. Well, apparently professionals who deal with cutting of things need their weapons, um I mean TOOLS to be very sharp. Like chefs who hone their knives into fine slicing machines. Guess the same goes for hairdressers and their scissors, huh?


    • I can understand chef’s knives — I actually have a couple of those really sharp dicing ones myself. But those are for slicing up MEAT, not something as fragile as hair!


  5. Dear Sweet Mama

    I had one cut a mole off the back of my neck once. Bled like a stuck pig. Got a free haircut AND a mole removal. All in all a good day.


  6. “Shelby’d out”—Love it! The word, not what happened to you.

    Because I’m not as creative as you, please do a post on character names we can turn into verbs.


  7. LeeAnn

    And in addition, my hairlady has the danger of being talked to death by me. It’s a dangerous world out there.


  8. Am I the only one who worries about my hairdresser seeing all the little hairs in my nostrils when she’s washing my hair? No? Just me?

    And now you’re telling me I need to be worried about blood-borne pathogens, too? This is too, too much. I might just shave my head.


  9. Sat here for a full thirty seconds and came up with nothing clever to say. But now I’ll ask my stylist if she wouldn’t feel safer giving me a razor cut.


  10. Okay, you just won a ton of point in my book for a “Duncan McLeod” reference. A+ 🙂


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