Dad’gum Guv’mint

So, yeah, my fucking STATE taxes took waaaaay longer than anticipated (thanks, Wes’BYGAWD Virginny!  And yes, here’s your check, yer bastids).  Back tomorrow with an amazing new award!

For me, of course. : )





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14 responses to “Dad’gum Guv’mint

  1. A Reader

    I was initially thrilled when I moved to NC that their state form looked less involved than the MI one. Then I discovered every 4th box on the darn thing required you to go fill out a worksheet in the attached instructions to get the amount to put in the box. Gah!!


    • That’s kinda how WBGV is… and this year, they decided they did NOT want you mailing in your W-2’s, but you DID have to fill out an additional form… which was basically the same as a W-2, but you had to fill in the boxes yourself!


  2. Yea. I did my state taxes so wrong I don’t even care. I was honest. I just did numbers wrong. I can’t wait to find out what I actually owe. It really pisses me off to pay this much in state taxes to a state I loathe, considering none of the money goes to what I want it to go to – arts, education, culture – and all of it goes to what I don’t want – including anti-women legislation.


    • I always always always owe WBGV — I think I even owed them when I was unemployed for several months one year (and not getting unemployment, either!). And I have yet to see what they’re spending my money on.


  3. Yeah, I spend the $40 and make Turbo Tax do it for me.


  4. I will never move out of Wyoming. For many reasons, including no State taxes. Three years in Idaho for university was enough.


  5. The last time I did my own taxes, I paid the state tax three times. It was a really specific amount — 83 dollars and something cents, and I sent it off attached to my tax form. They sent me a bill, and by that time I had moved and closed my bank account, so I had no proof I’d sent it already. So I said Fuck and paid it again. Then they billed me again and because I was busy and forgetful, I paid it again.

    Yet another reason to have a CPA do my taxes. I don’t object to paying taxes, I object to the soul-crushing insanity that comes with filling out that many forms.


  6. cinemasugar

    Isn’t there a really high ratio of dudes to chicks in Wyoming?


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