BRB, Y’all

Doin’ my damn taxes today, Hooligans — why yes, I DID wait ’til the last minute!  Back atcha tomorrow!





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12 responses to “BRB, Y’all

  1. Thoughts and prayers.
    I hope you fare better than I did.


  2. I got a pathetic refund and had to apply the whole thing to next year’s taxes. Stupid self employment.

    Good luck!


  3. Good luck! After getting audited twice (don’t get excited, I’m not rich — just bad at math), I decided it was worth every penny to have a CPA do my taxes for me.

    We may be reduced to eating peanut butter on crackers for dinner, but as God is my witness, I will never file my own taxes again!


  4. So did I. And the w2 I was supposed to be able to access online?

    Not fucking online.

    Shoot me.


  5. Shockingly, I will get a refund. Not so shocking: they will use it to pay my 2008 taxes that I messed up on, even though I am up to date with the payments.


    I am so going to Hawaii.


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