Dear Sweet Mama Is NOT Techie!

Yes, let’s check in once again with our very own Dear Sweet Mama, who has decided in the process of moving ONCE AGAIN (really, they gotta be in Witness Protection or something!) that there is some furniture she simply doesn’t like enough to haul around.  So she decided to delve into the intricate mysteries of Craigslist… and this ensued.

Dear Sweet Mama:  Can I call you back?  I’m trying to figure out how to load these pictures onto Craigslist.

Hoody Hoo:  Well, Dear Sweet Mama, I could probably talk you through it.

DSM:  That’s a great idea!  How come I’ve loaded these pictures onto the computer but when I go to “Browse” them on the Craigslist they’re not there?

HH:  The pictures aren’t there?

DSM:  No.  If I go look in “My Pictures,” they’re there, but I can’t find them from the Craigslist.

HH:  Okay, let’s make this easier.  Copy the pictures to your Desktop so when you go to browse from Craigslist they’ll be easy to find.

DSM:  Oh, okay. ((long, unsettling pause)).  Well now they’re gone!

HH:  You have to paste them onto your Desktop.

DSM:  Oh. ((longer, still more unsettling pause)).  Now I can’t find my Desktop.

HH (voice slightly muffled by head being buried in a pillow):  You can’t find your Desktop?

DSM:  No, is it under “All Programs”? Or in “My Computer”?

HH:  Mama, your Desktop is just… your Desktop.  You know, what you see when you start the computer.  Do you see the “Start” button?

DSM:  You mean the thing with all the pictures?

HH (head now completely under pillow):  Those are called “icons” and yes, that’s where you want to copy your pictures to.

DSM:  How do I do that?  Is it “Copy All Files?”

HH:  What are you talking about?  You just go to where the picture is, right click it…

DSM:  Wait, I was supposed to be right-clicking?  Oh, look it worked!  I probably should have had some coffee before this…

HH:  I probably should have had some bourbon…

Moral of the Story:  When you are so desperate you are using ME for tech support… perhaps the internet is not for you.



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24 responses to “Dear Sweet Mama Is NOT Techie!

  1. I often can’t find my desktop. Of course, that’s my actual desktop, not the one on my computer.


  2. Ha! That is painful. I can’t imagine how long the entire process took…


  3. Sounds disturbingly familiar. I once spent two hours with India on the phone, and I’m sure they were thinking uncharitable thoughts about me…

    Good story, hoody. Tell DSM the interwebz smiles upon them. 🙂



  4. I’m impressed you even offered to help. Over the phone no less. With my mother, it would be like “move the mouse . . . what’s a mouse? . . . the little white thing, move it so that the cursor is where you want to type . . . what’s a cursor?” And then my head explodes. You are a much better daughter than I. I make the hubs deal with all technical deficiencies when it comes to my parents. They think he is some type of computer genius and that I am apparently a dullard. Exactly according to my devious plan. Hahahahaha. ((Rubs hands together maniacally)).


  5. Having worked lots of tech support, I can tell you… she sounds pretty savvy compared to most.

    I am being serious.


  6. That’s why many Indian women wear the dots on their foreheads, you know. To hide those deep, deep forehead wrinkles from frowning in disgust at computer newbies.


  7. Dear Sweet Mama

    I was just trying to make you feel loved and needed – did it work? By the way, the Concubine is looking for something in her files – can I have her call you?


  8. This reminds me of the time my husband was on the phone with his dad, and asked him to Google something for him. After ten minutes of “Double you double you double you dot google…gee oh oh. No, dad, no. In the browser. Type Double you double you double…” he finally gave up.


  9. Oh, the magic of right clicking! Somehow over the years I have become more tech savvy than my husband, which is crazy because he was the one who insisted we needed a computer all those many years ago when I thought it would be just another extravagant toy. (Hm. On second thought, I realize it has, but for ME. Yay!) But he has mastered Craigslist, thank goodness, or I would have killed him long ago.


  10. I’m pretty sure I had the same conversation with my dad the first time he used eBay. I created a monster.


  11. OMFG – just wait until you Momma starts tweeting. My mom is pissed as to why I don’t follow her. I can’t….just can’t.


  12. Illyria

    LOL! I was helping my mom get onto The Facebook, I was struggling because she uses IE and I use Firefox. I mentioned that, she replies “Oh, I miss Firefox.” *blink blink” “Why can’t you have Firefox Mom?”

    “Because I have Google.”


    “Do you mean Gmail?”


    Ohhkay. Let me go ahead and get you Firefox then. Bless her heart!


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