Mina Takes the “L” Out of “Polo”

I know, I know, 2 cat posts in a row, but hey, most of the time they’re funnier than I am!  And you can blame this one on blissflower1969

Here’s her comment from the last post:
“I wasn’t raised in the south, but I recognize “the boy ain’t right” from watching too much King of the Hill.

And omg, I would be really unhappy if my cat decided to hide her food for later. Gross. It’s bad enough the dog likes to eat tootsie rolls from her cat box so I find litter and turd bits in my carpet. If I had to deal with food chunks stolen away? Nasty.”

So you see, I have no choice but to relate to you the tale of Mina’s very favorite game… Poo Polo.

As every cat owner knows, life is a constant battle to get the turds OUT of the catbox at exactly the right time.  Too early, they’re still stinky and gross and stick to the scoop, but too late, you’ve got shitty cat feet ON YOU.

Mina, being Mina, decided to make it a little more interesting.

If you don’t scoop the poop before it dries, Mina will take it OUT of the box and play with it.  Yes, play with it.  I’m hoping it’s only her own poop, but I have no way to tell, so I just try not to dwell on it.  She prefers to take it into the kitchen or the bathroom so it will clatter on the linoleum as she plays a kind of one-player soccer/polo/racquetball with it (no one else is allowed to play along with her, nor do I think they want to).

So basically, I have learned not to look too closely when Mina is playing with something :  After the first, “Oh, what have you got there?” you just start going directly for the paper towels.



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29 responses to “Mina Takes the “L” Out of “Polo”

  1. So groce! I wonder why she plays with it, i’ve never had that problem with mine – maybe she smells something we don’t or maybe you have not gifted mina with enough toys shes gone for the whole “i’ll play with my faeces then” routine


  2. Ughhhh ew. I guess it’s good she’s resourceful?


  3. LOL! Glad I could help inspire a post. But ew! I’m with aluminumfoil up there- I’ve never heard of a cat playing with feces. Usually they’re trying to cover up everything that smells nasty, not enjoy it as a toy. Urp.

    LOVE the title of the post, btw. Classic!


    • she buries them to… uh… marinate, I guess? Until they’re dry enough to play with. It’s truly upsetting.
      And btw, that’s why I call it “Poo Polo” even though there are no horses involved!


  4. Esme has done that once or twice. She waits until it’s dry though.


  5. See what catnip will do to you, kids?


  6. So basically ALL your animals ain’t right is what you are saying. Yeah, that pretty much follows . . . they belong to you, right?

    More and more I am glad that I do not own a cat. Thanks for the constant PSAs.


  7. My whacko cat does the same thing. But he manages to find and save an occasional dog puck our female schnauzer lets loose on occasion and then bats that around the house. Animals act like…animals.


  8. She probably feels “productive” what with being able to “produce” her own toys, at will. That’s self-sufficiency!


  9. My cats do not do this. At most, Crystal will express her displeasure with an unclean box by pooping on the mat in front of the box. She’s the Banksy of the litter box, making a statement not just goofing off.


  10. Main diff between cats and dogs.
    They’re refined and play with their poo.
    My basset eats his.


  11. My dachshunds would be so excited if the cat started bringing the almond roca out for a stroll! We’ve had to put the ‘poo buffet’ on risers to keep the German invasion to a minimum.


  12. Think of the money she’s saving you on cat toys.


  13. Jenn

    Dear Hoody Hoo,

    I’m writing for advice. One member of my horde has determined the best place for her pile o’ poop is just beside the box. Then the other members of the horde will obsessively attempt to bury it by tossing litter OUT of the box. Who needs the shrink: the non-conformer, the rest of the horde, or me?


    • The non conformer is probably just being pissy (see what I did there?) about having to share facilities. I have 4 cats and 3 (large) litter boxes, and this seems to be acceptable (unless Ti-Jacques been in there, then no one can be in the back of the house!). I’d try adding another box and see if that solves the issue. Let me know!


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