Even a Stopped Clock…

…is right twice a day, and even I cannot find fault with ALL my As-Seen-on-TV purchases.  I can think of, well, two, that have not been a horrible disappointment and/or tragedy waiting to happen.

The Easy Feet.  I actually love this fuckin’ thing.  It suction cups to your shower floor so you can scrub your feet without bending over, which sounds terribly lazy, but remember, I have one of those horrible stall-type showers, so bending over is a difficulty.  Also, I’m so damn graceful, it’s best for me not to move around much, especially when wet.

The Turbo Cooker. I’ve had this one for so long I actually had to look it up to see if they still made it (they do).  Now, I’m not a scientist except of the stick variety, but I think this thing has something to do with using steam to cook your food faster.  Anyhoo, it works, and the best part is you can make salmon and pasta in it AT THE SAME TIME, because it has a little grill-type thing that holds the salmon above the pasta.  Shut up, you only have to wash one pot that way.

This is making me look lazy again…



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22 responses to “Even a Stopped Clock…

  1. Having never heard of or seen the Easy Feet, I was forced to click the above link to see what on earth you were talking about. Holy Hell, Hoody! What type of craziness prompted you to not only purchase that thing, but to use that torture device looking thing on your feet? Insanity. That’s what it is. Damn, girl.


  2. That’s not lazy, that’s efficient! Nothing wrong with that. It’s the same reason that I line all my pans with foil before I cook something. Throw out the foil and the pan is clean! I would line my coffee cup with foil if I could prevent the leakage…


  3. Dear Sweet Mama

    It is genius – having been to Hoody’s House of Handy Gadgets, I like that foot washy thing. Her shower is so small your back sticks out and never gets wet unless you remember to turn around.


    • The shower is truly too small for a grown-ass adult to get their entire self in it at the same time… makes me wonder how the ELEPHANTS who apparently live upstairs wash they nasty selves!


  4. Apparently all your as-seen-on-tv posts remind me of Christmas presents someone has given me. This time, it’s a rice cooker from my brother. I though the whole concept was ridiculous (how hard is it to cook rice on the stove?) until I tried it — the magic thing about it is that it keeps the rice warm and perfect for hours, which means you can start the rice cooking before you even decide what you’re going to have for dinner or when you’re going to have it.


  5. But wait! There’s more!

    I’m with Nellie. Thinking about those bristles between my toes makes every orifice on my body pucker up. And not in a good way.


  6. Hmm good to know, in case I ever start drunk dialing ‘as seen on tv” commercials..


    • There’s one out now for yet another Amazing and Magical Food Chopper of some sort — I have put Chuckweasel on alert to smack my hand away if I reach for the credit card!


  7. Holy hell. It was the TURBO COOKER. There are two of them in my garage somewhere. Because I called now.

    Are you saying that shit actually works?


    • Except mine were $19.99 plus shipping and tax and I got TWO of them. And my credit card company called me to make sure it hadn’t been stolen because that purchase, apparently, did not look legit.


      • Maybe “cooker” made them think it was something to do with meth? I bet you could make meth in a Turbo Cooker in half the time…
        And I freakin’ LOVE mine, it is DA BOMB for lazy-ass cooking!


  8. My first thought in looking at the Easy Feet was, “How lazy do you have to be?” Then I remembered that I don’t actually wash my feet. I take the Paul Reiser approach to feet cleaning, aka, “They’ll get dripped on. They’ll be fine.” So if that’s what it takes to get you to wash your tootsies — more power to ya.

    The Turbo Cooker actually does look like it would be awesome — y’know, if I liked to cook.


  9. I want that easy feet thing!


  10. Please buy one of those sticky roller things that is being advertised every three minutes now and report back to me. I really, really hope it works because I gots lots of pet hair to sticky roll up.


    • I use the ones that are basically a roll of inside-out tape — they work great! That one you rinse off, though… I can’t help but remember the Wacky Wall Walkers never worked right again after you rinsed the cat hair off them…


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