W.W.w.W. II

Okey-dokey, to continue the tale of the Wonderful Weekend with Weasel, Chuckweasel had passed out like a hibernating bear in the hotel room and I had gone downstairs to read and watch the weirdos.  And although the book (11/22/63, the new Stephen King) is VERY good, I found myself too busy texting reconnaissance to CW to read very much at all.

Here’s just a sampling of the things I sent… not knowing CW was already pretty much down for the count:

“There are people down here in their jammies and Persians constructing entire sentences out of swears.”

“I’m in the Randolph Duke chair, judging.”

“We also have sad, sad white boy who will not score with business gal.”

“Way-too-dressed-up honkys carrying their White Folk of the Year plaques… toasting each other with ice water…”

“Running tweens with words written on their butts… now being chased by security…”

“Alert! The tweens have eluded security!”

“And they’re headed for the street in their flip-flops and “Juicy” pants.”

“Tweens’ mom has joined the search”

“New set of tweens… these with post-shower towels on heads”

“Have spotted another operative watching and texting… DO I HAVE A GREEN LIGHT???

“Third set of tweens wearing swear-to-Christ underpants as shorts”

“Security has now enlisted the bellmen to help corner the tweens… one of whom just threatened to “go pee outside.”

“Older set of nekkid girls has arrived at bar… their friend told them not to talk to “too many strangers.”

((Brief intermission whilst our operative visits the facilities))

“Back in position… tweens in bar with drunk mama.”

“sad white boy may score!  left with business gal!”

“Why am I the only one wearing real pants?”

“are you supposed to smoke inside? ‘Cause people are.”

“That tux is so rented.”

“Business gal’s friend is sad and alone…”

“AAAAAK! Thought dude had on a t-shirt — it is HAIR!”

“they came back to get sad friend…”

“who is… a HOOKER! Just saw negotiations go down, ergo, business gal is also charging sad boy by the hour”

“6 honkys leave, 2 remain… fat girl and unfortunate Starsky and Hutch facial hair.”

At that point, the hotel staff began gathering to drink at the bar, so I made my exit and went upstairs to hassle Chuckweasel for sleeping through such hilarity.  Again, no pictures, (sorry, Misty!) — my phone camera takes too long to “turn on” and this action was mile-a-minute!  Have to work on that…

Tune in tomorrow for our exciting conclusion… Sunday lunch at the steakhouse that may in fact be serving people!



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19 responses to “W.W.w.W. II

  1. Hahah “that tux is SO rented.” You little fashionista! 😛


  2. Dear Sweet Mama

    What an interesting place you were staying in. Was it a 3 star?


  3. Not even a picture of the UNDERWEAR AS PANTS??? Oh, Hoody. I am so disappointed in you. 😦

    Sounds like a parade of freaks and a good time had by all. Especially those paying for it. It’s a shame Chuckweasel had to miss all the festivities, but at least he could live vicariously through your texts the next morning I presume.


  4. I, too, have camera issues, although most times, it’s me that’s slow on the trigger. I find it best to photograph weird inanimate objects whenever possible.
    Can’t wait for the rest of the story! And would love to hang out in hotel lobbies with you sometime!


  5. Holy Smokes……I could of sat there for hours too! What awesome sauce you witnessed.


  6. I’m now singing “Wonderful Weekend with Weasel” to the tune of “The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers.”

    There must have been some kind of cheer competition or something, given the amount of tweens running around (and cheer girls wear the most frightening undie-style shorts I’ve ever seen). I’m kind of thrilled that you found the only bar in the United States with the slogan, “No shirt, no pants, no shoes, no problem!”


  7. I’m going to have a four-hour layover in Georgia this weekend. No one understands that I think that’s awesome.


    • is it Atlanta? last time I was there, the airport was hot as balls!!! My best layover ever was 16 hours in Detroit – the flight kept getting delayed so they kept passing out free drink vouchers!


  8. Edwin Drooooooood

    We need to make that the new thing to say. Instead of saying “That is so lame!” Now it’s “That tux is so rented!” 🙂


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  10. People watching is the absolute best, and there are few places better to do it than a hotel bar. Chuckweasel missed out big time.


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