A Wonderful Weekend With Weasel

Ahhhh… ain’t nothin’ better than getting the fuck outta Dodge, even if it’s just for a little while.  Chuckweasel carted me off to Pittsburgh this weekend for a “dammit we have to get away from here” trip… which of course, included consuming mass quantities!

Friday night: 24-hour room service is my hero!  Tasty sammiches all ’round, a Reuben for me and… you guessed it… the Turkey Club for CW.  He did get a little more adventurous Saturday morning:  We ate at a little restaurant-during-the-day-bar-at-night place called “Taste of Dahntahn” (yeah, that’s how it’s spelled, it’s a nod to the P-burgh accent) and oh. mah. GAWD.  I had “Da Texas Burrito” which was scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, peppers, etc with salsa and cheeeeeeeeeese! DA BOMB!  CW Had something called “Da Carnivore” which was basically an omelet full of cheese plus every kind of breakfast meat you can think of (yes, I had a bite).   And it was dinner (well, brunch) AND a show… we got there around noon and there was a bunch of folks at the bar who I swear hadn’t been home from drinkin’ yet!  They kept singing along with the jukebox and chair-dancing… one gal looked as if she might climb up and dance on the bar, but I think the bartender gave her the evil eye!

After that, it was off on a quest for Iron City beer to take back to the hotel… only to run afoul of Pennsylvania’s weird-ass liquor laws (they still have PACKAGE STORES, can you believe it?  Even for BEER!).  So we went back to the room beerless, but were rescued once again by room service.  Then it was time to loll around watching “Moonshiners” on the Discovery Channel until we left for the movies.

We saw “The Hunger Games” (of course) and lemme tell ya, NO SPOILERS, but Christ on a cracker, I cried like a bitch.  At one point I had so many tears running down my face it was like one continuous SHEET of water… I seriously think I may have gotten tears and possibly snot on the girl beside me!  See this movie or get thee from my sight!

After nachos and popcorn at the movies (hey, I eat when I’m sad!) we were too stuffed to go to the steak dinner we had originally planned, so we went instead to a little sports bar type joint to watch hockey and basketball and snack.  CW had bacon cheese fries and I had pierogies (hey, we like taties!) and we also FINALLY got some Iron City!  There was a brief moment when I thought we might see a fight because some lady wanted to turn the one TV that was showing Ohio State vs Syracuse to the Pens game (already on every other TV, forcing me to cross my eyes and watch both)… apparently she didn’t realize there were several tables of RABID Big Orange fans behind us.  Needless to say, she didn’t get her wish and she left… which then made me afraid the Syracuse tables would turn on US because we were rooting for Ohio State!  But we managed to leave without incident. Le sigh.

Back at the hotel, CW succumbed to the power of draft beer and potatoes, and I went downstairs to the lounge to read and people watch.  I’ll tell “youse” that story tomorrow, so stay tuned!




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24 responses to “A Wonderful Weekend With Weasel

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I really really really want to see The Hunger Games. I will probably have to wait a couple weeks so I can drag someone with me. Grrr.

    I went to school in PA and trying to get booze was ridiculous. I don’t miss it. Hooray for MD!

    But Hoody . . . pictures!! Where are the pictures of these crazy peeps at the bars? You know I need to see these whacked individuals and be able to post them on one of my weekly whackeds!! Come on, Hoody. Where’s the love?


    • I was sitting with my back to them, so I had to rely on play-by-play from the Weasel… who simply isn’t slick enough to take their pictures without getting our asses kicked!


  2. I saw it too! Was with Boyfriend so I didn’t cry. But AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


    • Unless it’s a pure comedy, I can be counted on to bawl my eyes out in a completely embarrassing and unattractive manner. This is probably why we usually watch movies at home…


  3. Dear Sweet Mama

    Sounds like a great weekend. I sat around here and ate bean dip. You might be able to tell if the wind is right. Your poor ol DSM has a boring life – don’t you feel guilty yet?


  4. So you like Pittsburgh sports and Ohio State, Iron City beer and eat meat. (Personally, I’d go for the IC Light, but I dare say you could be the perfect girlfriend.

    Glad you had fun!


    • To be completely candid, my actual teams are the Carolina Panthers and the Baltimore Orioles (or, thanks to CW, the damn Reds). I do love the Pens, though, and I always pick the team closest to me once “my” schools get knocked out. And I’ve had the IC Light as a draft, but I think it tastes weird in the bottles, so I go full-flavor.


      • As a Baltimore resident, I do root for the Orioles, because they rarely come in conflict with my Pirates. Of course the Buccos come here this year, so I’ll probably be there for at least 2 of the 3 games. Wearing a Pirates jersey, of course.


  5. Fun times! I was sobbing at The Hunger Games. My daughter (who always makes fun of me for crying) was even crying. We were in a full theatre and all you could hear were people sniffling. That made me feel a little better.

    I have to ask though- what are Package Stores?


    • Some states still require all liquor sales to be conducted through state-run stores (called ABC stores or package stores)… but PA is the first one I’ve seen that won’t even let 7-11 sell BEER!


  6. I looking forward to seeing the hunger games. Read the book.


  7. Omigawd Hunger Games was amazing! And I’m a total book purist who usually sneers at film adaptations!


  8. I’m trying to wait until Spring Break so I can take Oldest and Middlest to see The Hunger Games. Two more weeks…

    I had a similarly excessive weekend — three White Russians on Friday night, then went out by myself on Saturday and saw 21 Jump Street, the movie (epic funny, if you liked the TV show) then met up with the Hubs for dinner at P.F. Chang’s. I ate so much, it’s possible I’ll be digesting it all week like a ball python.


    • I have never had P.F. Chang’s, but I keep meaning to try the versions they have in the frozen food section… but I think putting Chinese food on top of White Russians is a little too risky for this gal!


  9. Yay for getting the eff outa there. Yay for beer and potatoes. Yay for HUNGER GAMES.


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  11. I really want to see The Hunger Games, too! Soooo jealous….


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