The White Man’s Medicine

Y’all may have picked up what I’m putting down already… to be on as many drugs as I am, I’m really not a huge fan of what Dear Sweet Mama and I like to call “The White Man’s Medicine.”  Being of Indian extraction (feather, not dot), and being somewhat of amateur herbalists to boot, both of us would rather fix ourselves with tea and a compress than a mess o’ pills… but sometimes, tea don’t cut it.

BUT… Neither does the white devil!

Remember when Chuckweasel’s mama had the stroke and had to be in the hospital for awhile?  Luckily, she made a really good recovery, the only trouble being that her blood pressure stayed way too high, which they kinda figured caused the stroke in the first place.  So Dr. Custer fills her full of blood-pressure pills (5 kinds. FIVE!) and sends her on her way.

Cut to yesterday, when poor Chuckweasel’s mama had to have surgery to remove a nodule on her adrenal gland… which they think may be the reason her blood pressure was so out of wack in the first place, and taking it off may fix that.


It’s been MONTHS of Dr. Feelgood prescribing all sorts of medications to treat her SYMPTOMS, but no one ever thought to look for the CAUSE?  My guess is they just looked at her age and figured, “Well, a lot of people get high blood pressure as they get older” and called it a day.  The same way doctors REPEATEDLY told my own Dear Sweet Mama that her chest pain was “just gas” because “women your age don’t have heart attacks.”  Well, now we know she’s got a birth defect in her heart… where’s your gas now, DOC?

All in all, I am all in favor of the pills the pills the marvelous pills that keep me from shooting people and enable me to eat, well, food, but treating the symptoms is not enough.  Fucking make it better, or pass the peyote.



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19 responses to “The White Man’s Medicine

  1. Ooof! Hope Chuckweasel’s mama is better soon! I’m not a huge fan of docs either, if you may recall…


    • I get soooooooo tired of the “doctor = god” complex some of them have… dude, I’ve been so sick for so long I KNOW what I need, I’m just not allowed to write prescriptions!


  2. This is way to near and dear to me. My MIL got really sick last year and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her so they just kept perscribing her pills to treat the symptoms. Then those pills would cause certain reactions and they would prescribe more pills to treat those symptoms. At one point, she was in the hospital and we had to list all the meds she was on. Somehow, she had gotten to 18 different Rx’s. A couple were from before she was really sick, but still. I feel like the abundance of meds had a direct cause to her eventual death.

    Sorry to be the downer, but this really hit home for me. Just say no to drugs, Hoody!! Not a fan of the pill pushers as you might have gathered.


  3. Agreed! My FIL’s death was officially due to liver failure, but also partially due to the fact that the doctor gave him a clean bill of heath even though he was on way too many meds. Then when he broke his foot, they put him on massive doses of painkiller even though it was contraindicated with his medical history. And the Hubs wonders why I don’t go running to the doctor unless I’m dying…every time I’ve gotten a good diagnosis, it was because I did my freaking homework and came into the office saying, “I think I have Condition X because blah, blah…”

    Doctors these days = jumped-up pharmacists.


  4. My theory is that Doctors are NOT any more intelligent than the rest of us, they are simply people that possibly went to school longer and took classes in specialized care. This does not entitle them to act like GODS nor should they be treated as such. If I tell you that something is wrong with either myself or my kids, I expect them to listen and help me figure out the origin. Not push fricking scripts on me because you wont take the time to sit down and listen to what I have to say, and explore “other” options. This is not Grey’s Anatomy and you are no McSteamy.


  5. I think Doctors are becoming lazy and just looking for the quick fix. And on a side note, my brother was taking my nephew to doctors and the all prescribed something different and when he’d have to go back in they’d run tests poking needles into the little baby only to prescribe him something else that wouldn’t work. My brother got tired of it and took him to a herbalist and the herbalist put him on a diet and he’s been fine since…


  6. Doctors are lazy asses. Except my doctor. He’s just as ass. Hope surgery fixes Chuckweasel’s mama right up and glad you’re still staying off the clock tower.


  7. Yes! This exactly. I have an undifferentiated autoimmune disease, and I was on a slew of pills, ruining my liver (not in a fun, alcohol-swilling way), and still not better when someone recommended a book about how diet and autoimmune stuff is very closely intertwined. I went from “you’re prolly gonna die, sorry” to “off the pills and you don’t have to see us anymore except to pee in a cup once every couple years just to be sure.”

    I think too many doctors are concerned more about *treatment* than *health.*

    (But I’m glad your drugs–and mine–are around to keep us out of the padded rooms.)


    • I just find it amazing — especially when you tell them such-and-such is wrong with you and they run a bunch of tests and say you don’t have what they thought. But I still have SOMETHING, find out WHAT!


  8. I think lots of the pills they give you just make more problems so you have to keep coming back. Some of the side effects on these things are scary!!! I mean… My restless legs syndrome is annoying, but its better than the anal leakage the pills may cause!!!


  9. I swear that doctors are just faking it like the rest of us who pretend to know what we’re doing at work. They like to treat (read: mask) your symptoms so you’ll leave them alone so they can go back to updating their Facebook and Twitter.


    • and I’d be fine with that… if they gave us access to “prescription-only” meds so we could treat ourselves! I am not stupid, I can be trusted with antibiotics.


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