Fun With White-Out

With almost everything being done on computers nowadays, I often worry about the good folks at the White-Out factory (I really do, I worry about some really strange shit).  I’m sure there’s had to be some belt-tightening around White-Out, Inc., but I’m here to tell you — it’s still a very valuable product!

Case in point:

Shut up, it worked, didn't it?

Even though I write for a living, I am not what you’d call a “good” typist.  I type fast, but I only use 2 fingers and the occasional thumb, and I MUST MUST MUST look at the keys.  So when the “N” and the “M” wore off the keyboard at work, I was in a pickle.  And I got tired of writing scripts about people getting arrested for selling “marcotics” or being  on trial for “nurder.” Enter:  White-Out.

Also, I remain childishly fascinated by that White-Out Correction Tape stuff — I always have to put my finger on it and be amazed that it’s instantly dry.  Plus, it makes an excellent scuff-and-nail-hole cover-upper if your landlord is not too observant and you’re too cheap to buy spackle.  Toothpaste also works, but only the white kind.

Unless your paint color is Minty Fresh, I guess…



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28 responses to “Fun With White-Out

  1. It looks like it was effective, but you might want to examine your typing fingers periodically for signs of unnatural paleness. White-out seems like it might rub off.


    • Hey, I was smart enough to wait until I finished most of my typing for the day! And so far, it hasn’t come off… if it works, the “A” and the “C” are next.


  2. Man. How hard are you hitting those keys that you are wearing the letters clear off! Or do you just have a higher percentage of acidity in your fingertips. I have never worn off a letter. Ever. And I type . . . A LOT.

    You are like the McGuyver of typists or something.


  3. I’m fascinated by Wite-Out tape… I love it, but sadly, the opportunity to actually use it are rare.

    Currently, the E on my work PC is wearing off the key, and hey, now that I look… so is the N.

    Not using the White-Out though… best advice my Dad ever gave me in high school was to learn how to type. Took a class sophomore year and have been a “touch-typist” ever since.

    It sounds like I can go really fast, but that’s deceiving. A cube-neighbor once commented on my typing speed but I had to tell her that half of the clicks are me hitting the backspace key.


  4. Christina

    Absolutely brilliant idea!!! I love it. Now I can fix my missing letters on my keyboard!!


  5. People around the world are looking at their keyboards after reading your post. And, wouldn’t you know it, the m and n on my keyboard are decidedly faded compared to the rest of my board. I wonder why that is. In my case it could be that I drag my finger over those keys because I type with my whole hands. No explanation for you.

    And now some gratuitous bragging: I type very fast from the normal angle, but I can type with two fingers from the wrong side of the keyboard faster than my old boss. He was a “hunt and peck” typer and it used to drive me crazy so I’d type from the other side of the desk. He let me do it because it was faster and he thought it was amazing.

    Life skills, man.


    • I can read upside down, but type? You’re some kind of freak. And the “N” and the “M” were completely gone, plus the “A” and the “C” are about halfway gone… dunno what words I’m typing too much!


  6. I use white out tape all the time (For revising drawings and architecture stuff) and I kind of have their weird obsession of making little designs with it…..and it kind of smells good too….


  7. hahaha the N on my work computer keyboard is completely worn off too!! must be commonly used or a finger resting place or something


  8. Smelling the White-Out is another way to cause you to confuse the M and N!


  9. Now I want some Wite-out. I used it quite a bit at a former job, but now I realize it’s been YEARS since I’ve used the stuff. I hope the Wite-out factory workers are making out okay.


  10. You are a hilarious genius.


  11. I bought White Out for my kids, thanks to the school supply list. I’m still not sure if we ever opened it, but now I know if I manage to wear down a keyboard before I break a laptop (it has not happened yet but there’s a first time for everything) then I’ll be able to white on the letters. Awesome! The More You Know….*cue rainbow and shooting star*


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