Drag Queen or Tomboy?

So we all know Marceau is a drag queen cat, but the latest evidence doesn’t really fit with his previous behavior...

Before it got so freakishly warm again (don’t worry, it’ll be cold again next week), I was using the living room fireplace a lot because A) the heater broke and B) it’s pretty.  And all the kittehs love fire (Ti-Jacques a little TOO much), so all was well in the Hoo Household.  Until… Monday.

Marceau comes trotting past me and for some reason, keeps his head turned to the side so I can’t see his face.  My Mama-senses immediately went off, so I stalked him down and grabbed him, only to find his normally white mime-face was now gray.  The crazy little bastard had covered his face in fireplace ashes!  One paw was gray, too, so I know exactly how he did it — he patted it on like face powder!

So far, the theories include (but are of course open for discussion!):

  1. Marceau is a hitherto unknown Catholic cat, and Cat Ash Wednesday is later than people’s… and on a Monday.
  2. (This is DSM’s theory)  He has grown tired of looking like a mime and is trying to do blackface instead.
  3. He is some kind of ninja commando.

So what do y’all think?  So far, the only thing I’m sure of is that fireplace ashes are kinda greasy or something and won’t wash off… oh, and that cats don’t like it when you rub their head with a wet washcloth.



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17 responses to “Drag Queen or Tomboy?

  1. I agree with DSM. Nobody wants to be a mime.


  2. Hahaha I love how he knows he doesn’t want to show you. “Oh la la nothing wrong here I’ll just go about my business facing this direction…”


  3. Black ops, all the way. Ever notice when cats disappear for a while and you can’t figure out where they went? And then suddenly they’re back as if nothing had happened?

    Well, they’re off doing “cat things”. I’m pretty sure that “cat things” includes things like blowing out the pilot light and filling the apartment with gas, climbing under the floorboards and slowly sawing through the support beams, moving the house off it’s foundation a fraction of an inch at a time, untill BOOM. The house explodes or collapses. Mission accomplished!


  4. Now Hoody, you’re not being a fair mama. What if Callie Jean shoved poor punkin and he, trying not to facepalm, put his widdle paw out to break his fall and failed? Give little buddy the benefit of the doubt. Or, stop letting him watch Platoon.


  5. Maybe he’s just preparing for The Hunger Games. Part of his costume is making himself grey instead of white. I’m thinking it’s better than blue at least!


  6. Undercover Cat! Sounds like a new show for Animal Planet.

    Or maybe he was just recreating the “Giant Pile of Blow” scene from Scarface.


  7. You missed the obvious, my dear. He’s auditioning for the musical version of Mary Poppins as Bert, the chimney sweep. You crushed a young cat’s aspirations before they even got started!


  8. I personally fully support the rights of drag-queens to enter the service and become commando-ninjas so my answer is the typical “yes.”


  9. Maybe he’s rehearsing for an audition to play Black Peter for the latest Dutch holiday film??

    Yeah, I got nuthin’.


  10. Jo

    It’s pretty darned hilarious that he tried to hide it from you!


  11. Clearly he has found out the secret to youth can be found in fireplace ashes and was unwilling to let you catch on… I love that he most likely tried to saunter past while thinking, “hmm oh nothing to see here, not doing anything wrong, just going to squeeze past…”


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