It’s Not Enough I Married a Cat?

Well, I’ll be damned.

For Me?

That there is another fabulous award from the amazing Leauxra of Does This Make My Blog Look Fat?.  The rules for this one are pretty straightforward:  As the badge would indicate, I’m supposed to award it to 3 bloggers who I’d like to know more about… then reveal 3 things about me you may not know.

First things first, though.  Let’s all take a look at the lovely things Leauxra had to say about moi:

“Hoodyhoo of… hoodyhoo. Of course you read Ms. Hoo. Who doesn’t read her? I heard a rumor that she’s back around after kicking the shit out of some of her internal organs. Yay!

“Who doesn’t read her???”  Check’s in the mail, Leauxra, just don’t cash it for awhile! : )

Now onto the nominees:

  1. Frequent commenter and (gasp!) male person, Brett Minor of Transformed Nonconformist.  Brett gets the nod for his unique solution to avoiding post-apocolypse stress: “I will be dead.”
  2. Dana the Biped is up next from Five Legs Between Us.  Anyone who will give a gun to a possum is someone we need to get to know better!
  3. My latest protege, Cinema Sugar. In my continuing effort to force others to blog, I thought this might give CS the impetus to “write something, dammit!”  I reserve the right to label anything she may say about me as a foul and baseless lie… unless it’s flattering, of course!

Now, onto the second part.  I’m not known for my lack of disclosure, but I’ll try to find some new dirt about me…

  1. I once hucked a (full) beer can at a then-boyfriend to stop him from peeing in the yard at a party (hey, the cops mighta seen!).  I meant to hit NEAR him to startle him and make him pee himself… instead, I knocked his ass unconscious.
  2. At the ripe old age of 35, I still practice the “school clothes” method of wardrobe maintenance.  That means I take off my “good clothes” the minute I come in the door and sit around in a t-shirt and underpants.  If you’re lucky, I’ll put on shorts.
  3. I have been known to sleep in the bathtub the whole night ON PURPOSE.  Sometimes it’s the only thing that makes my knees feel better, and I DO use a (soon-to-be-soaking-wet) towel as a blanket.  Waking up sucks, though.

Alright, Hooligans!  The nominees HAVE to do it, but the rest of y’all are welcome to share as well!



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24 responses to “It’s Not Enough I Married a Cat?

  1. Hahahah to the beer car thing. Whoopsies! I didn’t think peeing in a yard was that bad…I let my ex pee on the side of a church once


  2. I had no clue that was called the “school clothes method.” I do that. Feel free to visit me any time. We don’t wear pants at my place.


  3. Yeah, the second I walk in the door I rip off my suit and bra and get into my comfy sweats and t-shirt. I am a pants wearer, though. Don’t wanna scare the children.


  4. Congrats, Hoody! It’s like Homer Simpson once said “Roads are just a suggestion, Marge. Like pants.”

    Mad props to ‘airing it out’.


  5. I do the school clothes thing, too. That is, if I bother to get dressed in the first place.

    You knocked a guy unconscious? I am impressed. I’ve never even given a guy a hickey, although I have made a couple of them cry.


  6. I got over the “school clothes” thing, and just dress like a hobo at work. It’s not like anyone sees me. Except that one time the big exec came in to visit people in my group and I was wearing a shirt with holes under the arms, and I spent all afternoon concentrating on not raising my arms.

    If I dress differently at this point, people ask me where I got the job interview.


  7. Cinema Sugar

    Oh, my. I’m gonna have to write something other than my movie reviews that no one is interested in? And I do the “school clothes” thing too — if there is one thing I abhor, it is drop-in company. Only when I lived downtown, I could look out the little door window to determine whether it was the kind of drop-in company that required putting pants back on, or if you could just leave them off.


  8. I’m also out of my work clothes the second I’m in the door. (At home.) But I do wear pants or shorts… can’t have anything accidentally dragging through the butter dish.


  9. Congratulations! And holy crap! You’re like, totally famous, and you said my name on your blog! (Pardon me while I restart my heart.)

    Hokay. So. Pants. They are bad. I never wear them where I won’t get arrested. And answering the door pantsless is a great way to scare off those people coming over to ask if you know Jesus. Especially if you haven’t shaved in a month or two. We always called them “good clothes” and “old clothes,” though. Of course, this coming from a girl who grew up in an area where a man’s idea of dressing up means good jeans, plaid shirt, and a bolo tie.


    • WBGV wardobe standards are pretty similar — your “good jeans” and THIS YEAR’s concert or NASCAR t-shirt, and you’re set. And I always hide from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. etc. — if the Mormons won’t show me their magic underwear, I’m washing my hands of all of ’em!


  10. I wear pants, but that’s because I have that weird boundary problem, where I don’t know where my body ends. So I have to wear clothes to define my boundaries. Remember when I said I was afraid of leggings? They’re too stretchy — NO BOUNDARIES, AAAGH!!

    However, I have slept in the bathtub. Only when I was so sick that I didn’t want to make a mess or have to clean up a mess. Ok, and a few times when I was upset. I have no idea why, except I know it’s not my knees.

    Congratulations on getting an award!


    • Oh, I totally forgot your fear of leggings — sorry to bring up a painful subject! And when I’m that sick, I sleep on the floor curled up around the base of the toilet… it’s convenient and the tile is nice and cool!


  11. Congrats on your award and thank you for passing it on to me.

    The zombie comment was completely honest. I know me. I would be one of the first to die.

    I also don’t expect I would survive a concentration camp.

    “Just kill me. I am not digging that ditch.”


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