Still Kickin’

Just wanna let y’all know I ain’tent dead – just having some disagreements with the ol’ organs about whether food is evil! Back tomorrow!



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26 responses to “Still Kickin’

  1. Stupid organs. Tell them to behave or Imma come over there and kick their pancreas asses!


  2. Hahah I’ve so been there. Feel better!


  3. This better not be the Pancreapocolypse. I don’t have bottled water or a stockpile of canned food and batteries! Seriously, girlfran, you and your internal organs need to have a Come To Jesus meetin’.

    Feel better, chica!


  4. As an experience, pancreapocolypse is surely a bad thing, but as a word–I love it. It’s my new favorite. Hyperbole was my old favorite word, pancreapocolypse is my new favorite word.

    Feel better soon!


  5. Dieting. You’re doing it wrong.

    Feel betta!!


  6. Glad you’re not dead!


  7. Feel better, glad you’re not dead yet!


  8. FOOD IS EVIL. The way it just lays there, waiting to be eaten? Pure EVIL.

    Tell your organs to behave or I’m gonna come over there and beat the stuffing out of them. No wait, that won’t work while they’re still in you….ok, we can take them out and beat them up THEN replace them if they agree to behave. Hugh Laurie probably needs to be involved here.


  9. Jo

    Damned organs…always uprising or rebelling or revolting or some such crap. They need a good stern talking to!

    (Thank you for letting us know you’re okay, but I’ll be glad when you feel better!)


  10. Nooooo, they have to behave ready for when your parcel comes…..unless this has been caused BY the parcel….i knew i should have included carrots!


  11. Jo

    I forgot to tell you…….food IS evil.


  12. It helps if you drink a shot of whiskey before and after each meal. And also when you get up in the morning and just before you go to bed. That’s what they told us in Thailand. It seemed to work.


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