And to All Our Ships at Sea…

Grrrrr…. Knee is teh fucked, y’all. Ain’t slept in more than 24 hrs – back tomorrow with some funny!



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16 responses to “And to All Our Ships at Sea…

  1. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!! Updates. Easy-peasy. :p

    Sorry about the knee. Take some good pain meds and get some zzzzzz’s. (I miss your funny, btw!).


  2. I hope the kittehs are taking good care of their mommy and not pilfering the pills…


  3. Oh noes. You are falling apart, m’dear. You need to eat some sticky things to hold yourself together!


  4. I had bursitis in the shoulder a few months ago. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t move. It was miserable. Get better quick.


  5. And now I’m stuck here trying to figure out the connection between ships and knees… Come back soon. I require explanations!

    In the meantime, pain pills are your friend.


  6. Jo

    I’m so sorry about your knee and lack of sleep. I hope you feel better very soon! (And thank you for the update!)


  7. Jen

    Painkillers = love. Can’t send the meds, but I’m sending you some rosy goodness for rainy P-Town. ❤


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