Fear Not, Hooligans !

No, I have not abandoned ye for Teh Twitter — I just have my traditional Seasons Changing head cold & I feel like ass! Good news , it’s not the pancreas, and I should be back with the funny on Monday !

Love you whores for worrying!



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28 responses to “Fear Not, Hooligans !

  1. Damn, girl. Way to worry some bitches! Phew. Yeah, with your past medical craptastrophes, you cannot just disappear for a week anymore, you hear me? Good, glad that’s settled.

    Hope you feel better. Being sick is the shits. See you Monday!! 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear you were sick! Hope you’re all better soon


  3. Thank goodness we didn’t lose you to the Twits. Feel better soon!


  4. A phrase not often spoken: Yay for head colds!


  5. Edwin Drooooooood

    Love you more!


  6. Boo to the head cold, yay for the not-pancreas!


  7. jen

    Take care of yourself and your bad ass pancreas. So glad to see you on Twitter, now we just need to turn Misty to the Dark Side!


  8. Jo

    Sorry about the head cold, but damned glad the pancreas didn’t try any crap again.


  9. Better the annual head cold than the case of the pukes my entire family (except me, because I actually wash my hands) came down with over New Year’s weekend. Blech.

    Hope you feel better soon! Good thing it wasn’t the pancreas, or I’d have to come over and give that bitch a stern talking to. I mean, REALLY.


  10. Yeah, I had the evil death plague, too. I am finally feeling better.

    I also have the “It’s after the holidays and I’m to lazy to do anything” illness. That’s an illness, right?


  11. Just found your blog recently…. glad to hear your feeling better


  12. Boo for sick, yay for not internal organs!

    PS – I follow you on twitter and I think you should follow me. Actually, no, don’t. I’m a loser and I only tweet loser things. Also, I’m not a twitter nazi and I’m not offended by people who don’t follow me. I’m a bit of a twitter slut myself – following, unfollowing, bouncing around twitter like I’m Brooke Burke on WildOn. So you don’t have to follow me. But you can if you want.


  13. Girl, I’m getting you a new immune system for yo’ birfday. In tha club. Word.

    Feel better soon!!!


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