Yet Another Last Name

Turns out “Ti-Jacques Russell Plisskin Hoo-Weasel” is NOT a long enough name for the little man.  Now we’re gonna have to add “Powers” — as in Austin Powers, because Ti is an International Cat of Mystery.

Case in point:  Ti and I were laying in the bed watching TV (all the kittehs watch/chase TV, and poor blind CJ watches the pretty colors) when the commercial for the NeatDesk came on.  AND HE WAS TOTALLY ABSORBED.  He stopped washing and scratching and stared at the TV with his mouth open in awe.

So apparently the littlest kitteh has a lot of important papers that need to be organized, which I knew nothing about.  Therefore, I am forced to believe he is leading a secret double-life, either as an international super-spy (likely to be in cahoots with Pearl’s Liza Bean) or possibly an accountant.  Either way, if he’s got income coming in, he needs to start chipping in on the Friskies.

And here I thought the toys with the “real-mouse” noises were the best Christmas present…

That’s all for now, I’ll be back on Tuesday to regale you with tales of this weekend’s New Year’s Sushi-‘Splosion!



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23 responses to “Yet Another Last Name

  1. Is his fur kind of combed oddly and looks like a llama shit out a hairball and flattened it out on Ti-Jacques’ head? If so, he might not be a Powers. He might go by Trump.


  2. Dear Sweet Mama

    I almost bought you and I one of those. If they go on sale, I still might in my never ending quest for if I can just get the right office supply my life will become so calm and easy. Your after Christmas gifts are coming – you could save them for Little Christmas or just open them. I forgot a piece but may send that for Valentine’s Day cause that makes me feel very efficient to have “pre shopped”. Love you.


  3. Maybe he’s just planning to surprise you while you are hard at work by organizing all your shit. He probably spent too much time around DSM and her organizing ways.


  4. Awww he sounds adorable. I want pictures.


  5. Can you name my yet unborn children?


  6. Oliver used to drop everything to watch Animal Planet’s home video show. He would actually pause, mid-step, in the middle of the living room if it came on.

    He also likes to burn off his eyebrows with a candle. Which is why we don’t burn candles. I think about it…and remember how dumb he looks without eyebrows.

    Personally, I think Ti is stunned by the things humans invent a need for.


  7. If he’s anything like my cat, he would be obsessively trying to figure out how to ruin those newly organized papers. But my cat is a super villain so maybe yours is the hero.


  8. If he’s got an income, does that mean that he has to pay taxes? Or that you can’t claim him as a dependent? (What’s that you say? You’re not supposed to claim pets as dependents? Huh.)


  9. Checkers has probably looked at the TV all of five times in 17 years. She does like the NASCAR.

    Happy New Year to you and yours! xo


  10. The NeatDesk would cause me to run screaming off into the sunset. I like my scraps of paper and notes, and I’m not about to put everything on my computer — what happens if I lose my computer? MAYHEM, that’s what.

    My cats could give a rat’s ass about the TV. Maybe I should try playing some infomercials for them.


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