The Good News!

No, it’s not about Jesus, it’s the good news about Chuckweasel!

As of yesterday,





He’ll be doing something to do with billing for a doctor’s office, which is what he did before he worked for the radio station, but it sounds like numbers and math so I don’t really understand much more than that!  He starts Friday (yikes!  TOMORROW!) and here’s the very best part:  In addition to paying a fairly decent wage, these people actually pay for MOST of your insurance (unlike the radio station, where my insurance costs the earth and covers nothing!).

They also have a breakroom in their office that’s allegedly stocked with sammich-makings and other groceries, so you never have to pack a lunch… which probably means I never have to pack Chuckweasel’s lunch (he’s kitchen-challenged).  Hopefully, one of the office girls will take pity and teach him to make PB&J!

Anyhoo, it’s just SUCH a load off my mind and my nerves to have him employed again!  Plus, we’ll still be able to do DJ gigs on the weekends, so we may actually… at some point… have some money?

PS:  Also, the Weasel is allegedly going to start blogging again — his link is updated on my sidebar, so let’s make him keep his promise!



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30 responses to “The Good News!

  1. Congrats to Chuckweasel!! What an excellent thing to find a good job in this market. Good for him. And for you. Yay!


  2. Thats great….I have noticed that anywhere medical people gather- there will be snacks!


  3. Christina

    WooHoo!!! Congrats!


  4. Yay! Tell him to take pics of his lunch every day and post it if he can’t think about what to blog about.


  5. Yay! I used to work in a law firm that had a stocked kitchen. Technically, they were only supposed to have drinks and snacks but who can’t make a meal out of Diet Pepsi, cup-of-soup and matzo crackers? I probably saved an assload of money working there (they also comped my bus fare, which was da bomb).

    Hooray for finding work!


  6. Excellent news, indeed! Here’s to a prosperous 2012…


  7. Yay, Chuckweasel! If it’s a medical establishment, does that mean everything in the kitchen has to be healthy? Because chocolate doughnut (hah, I almost typed doughbutt) slices and peanut butter make for tasty mouthgasms.


  8. Yay! And that’s all I have to say about that.


  9. Yay! Congrats! And free sandwiches are definitely a perk.


  10. Yay! An office kitchen is stocked with sandwich makings sounds pretty cool. So does having a job, I guess (I’m off for the week and really enjoying it).


  11. Awww, congrats!!! That is great news for you (and him, of course)


  12. Jo

    YAY! That’s excellent news for both of you!


  13. Go new job! My employer pays only 8 percent of my health insurance premium. The standard is about 80 percent. True story.


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