Whutchoo Eatin’?

Now that I’ve recovered (somewhat) from my pancreas trying to kill me, I am actually going to attempt to cook an actual Christmas dinner at the Hoo Household.  Here’s the menu so far:

Paula Deen Ham

I may or may not be able to eat very much of this, but Callie Jean says if I allow another ham-related holiday to pass without making the ham, she’s calling her union rep.  And nobody wants that.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

I think I’ll take it easy on myself and get the pre-made ones like from Bob Evans or something.  Usually, I would make from-scratch potatoes with heavy cream, but I think either the making of or the eating of those MIGHT kill me.  The gravy will be from either a pouch or a jar, whichever has less of the demon fat.


I guess it’s more appropriate to call it “dressing” since it won’t be inside anything… I’ll be  serving 2 kinds — pre-made cornbread-style with chopped walnuts added for myself, and Stovetop Turkey flavored (from the mix) for Chuckweasel, because that’s the only kind he will eat.  And, no, it may NOT be Pork-flavored to go with the ham, it must be TURKEY.  I have already fought this fight.

Broccoli Stuff

Yes, this is probably a bad idea, but I WAAAAANTS it and I will only eat little bits at a time.  Plus, I think Ti-Jacques will be ecstatic to be allowed to lick the pan.  The cheesy, buttery pan.

Deviled Eggs

Which I totally would NOT be doing if I hadn’t bought those Eggies — I peel eggs like a drunk raccoon with missing fingers!  But I need to see if those things work… so, eggs it is.

I haven’t made any plans for any dessert-type stuff — I think I’ll just save up those fat points for more mashed potatoes!

Have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy — I’ll see y’all on Tuesday!



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29 responses to “Whutchoo Eatin’?

  1. Merry Christmas!

    What’s the broccoli stuff? I love broccoli. Especially when it’s covered in cheese.


  2. Dear Sweet Mama

    Be very careful, my love. These are not the foods you are looking for.


  3. My MIL, the queen of all things from-scratch, gives her approval to mashed potatoes from the box and gravy from the jar. So there’s that. I bought both the gravy mix+broth and the jars of gravy because 1) we always run out of gravy. Always. And 2) gravy and I have a contentious relationship and with MIL in Iowa this Christmas, I don’t see us making peace anytime soon.

    Merry Happy to you too, and try not to get yourself killed!


  4. It is too stuffing. It will soon be stuffed inside of you.
    Luckily, the SIL is cooking the meal so I’m off the hook, except I might have to make the broccoli stuff again myself.
    Monkey is again proving herself to be not my natural child by REFUSING to eat any of this yumness. Likely she’s an alien.
    Happiest Christmas and a pancreatic-episode free New Year to you and all you bestow your attentions on. Unless they suck. Give me a name, I’ll kick their asses.


  5. Mmmmmm….ham. It’s not bacon, but a close second.

    And remember, Pepto Bismol is your friend!

    Happy Hoodydays!


  6. Broccoli is my kryptonite. Just don’t tell any of my arch-enemies.

    Happy Christmas to you and Chuckweasel.


  7. Oh my god. Turkey Stovetop is the only way to go. It just is. (Also, have you ever put it in the oven for a couple minutes after preparing it? It gets crunchy on top. I could eat just that for a meal. Actually, I have.)


    • Please, I eat stuffing as a meal all the time — with mashed potatoes if I’m feelin’ fancy! And Chuckweasel says putting the stuffing in the oven to get crunchy is too fine for him!


  8. Merry Christmas to you, Chuckweasel, DSM, all the kittehs, and your pancreas.


  9. Jo

    I’ll miss you, but I’m wishing you and all of yours a very Merry Christmas. (Lovin’ Jayne’s Happy Hoodydays!)

    And please please please be careful of your pancreas.


  10. What time should I arrive, and can I bring anything?


  11. Merry Christmas to you, Chuckweasel, and all your kitties!


  12. My mom is getting Eggies for Christmas. We think they are brilliant! The Boy thinks eggs come in a perfectly good cooking apparatus – he is wrong.

    Please do be cautious with that pancreas, but enjoy yourself as much as you can whilst being prudent.


  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family, four-legged members included!


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