Let Your Geek Flag Fly

As we all know, I am truly such a geek.  But my latest foray may catapult me straight into Queen of the Losers status.

I watched a special on “The Little Ice Age” (which is FRICKIN’. FASCINATING.) this weekend… and I took notes.

4 pages of notes.

Yep, I took notes off the TV like it was a lecture.  And rewound it several times to make sure I’d gotten a particular point right, crap like that.  There’s fucking DIAGRAMS, people!  I HAVE A PROBLEM.

Then yesterday, I was watching The Hitler Channel and I kept calling Chuckweasel to “educate” him.  If by “educate” you mean “annoy the crap out of.”

It all started like this:  A lot of his Facebook friends are — how to put this — kinda dumb.  Like, he put up a question: “Who would you add to Mount Rushmore?” and their answers were… to put it nicely… retarded. (My answer was “Sitting Bull,” by the way, ’cause I be edumacated, yo!).

So I decided to give them another chance — by asking them a factual question anybody who even ATTENDED high school should know.  Prompted by The Hitler Channel, I told him he should ask, “In what country did the Battle of the Bulge take place?”

And he said Germany.

And I said no.

And he said Poland.

And I said no.

And he said that wasn’t a fair question since I’m the only geek who knows the answer.  And I said I had to get off the phone to organize my color-coded Notebooks of Knowledge (that’s what I’ve decided to do with the notes — and yes, history is yellow).

Soooo… do I need help?  Or just more notebooks?



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43 responses to “Let Your Geek Flag Fly

  1. Chuckweasel

    I just have two words for you….WOW!


  2. Definitely more notebooks. Definitely. Definitely more notebooks. (Yep, a rain man reference…because you like facts.)


  3. Lizzybeth

    Poor Chuckweasel… And yes, more notebooks! Thank goodness for rewind! Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. My best friend’s grandfather fought and died in that battle – in France, I think.


  4. Colored highlighter pens. You need lots of different colors, and perhaps different manners of shading so as to be sub-headings. And each notebook needs dividers and tabs and perhaps graphic inserts.


  5. PUT THE NOTEBOOKS DOWN AND WALK AWAY! And here I thought I was all cool because I knew you and you were super cool and all that coolness was rubbing off on me. Now, I come to find out that you are a big ass dork and I am actually dork ajacent. You need to warn a girl! I mean, especially before you trick me into joining into your dorkish clan. I feel like I need to change my name to Dorky Hoo now. Jeesh. :p


  6. The Boy and I are nerds. But we do not take notes while watching documentaries. Mostly because we didn’t take notes in school, either.

    So you’ll like this. There is a social media guy coming to speak at a conference in February so I was watching his presentation on the interwebs to see if he’s cool. He cool. But he was saying that there is a company where the MOST IMPORTANT interview question is: Star Wars or Star Trek? Because if you don’t have an opinion on that issue you will not fit in to the corporate culture. That company? The totally awesome ThinkGeek.



    • I still remember acing the lunch part of the best job interview I ever had. I ordered the best dish at the Thai restaurant we went to, and, even more importantly, they liked my answer to the “which Star Trek series was the best” question (they didn’t necessarily agree, but they seemed to like the arguments I gave to support my opinion). The company itself wasn’t as awesome as ThinkGeek, but I think the particular group I was interviewing with was (they offered me the job and I stupidly turned them down).


  7. Hoodyhoo, I KNEW there was a reason I liked you, and History should definitely be YELLOW. You even picked the right color.

    I take notes off the internet…. it’s mostly about how to make beer and how to make robots, but sometimes I do an in depth search about the history of the pied piper myth because I saw him at the mall when I was Christmas shopping once.

    Basically: You are awesome.


  8. Jen

    I spent 45 minutes on twitter the other days excanging physics jokes with the Social Assassin, Jaime (‘It’s So Fuzzy’) and Becca (‘I’m Pretty Sure That’) so I’m not throwing stones. Oh…and I may have spent the last 48 hours watching a ‘Firefly’ marathon…and a ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ one…don’t judge.


  9. More notebooks. But make sure they are all the same rule, the same width, the same height, and by the same company so that the wiring all looks the same.

    Just me?


    • Nope, that’s why I buy them in bulk — so they all match. I will also go through the entire display looking for the ones whose wire bindings are good and tight… no snags for this chick!


  10. More notebooks. You can take it a little further and make binders with said notebooks. Just make sure they are the hole punched kind and tada…you got you a “Great Big Book of Edumacation!” I have a binder where I keep all of my financial statements, taxes, etc and it is called the “Great Big Book of Finance.” You could start a “Great Big Book” series 😉


  11. I have never in my entire life taken notes from TV. However, I never took notes in class either — my GATE, Honors-and-AP ass has an eidetic memory. Unfortunately, it only applies to information and not sources. Basically, I like to annoy people with facts that I can’t back up because I have no frakking idea anymore where I learned them.

    I have notebooks too, but they contain sewing ideas, clothing sketches and lists of inspirations. I’m all for notebooks. Yours sound rather dull, but to each their own?


  12. My husband teases me about my penchant for all projetcs have a ‘folio’.. a binder with sheet protectors, post-its and lots of highlighting. If it’s worth doing- it’s worth major overdoing!


  13. True story: A friend and I were talking about the nuclear warfare and WWII and a girl (well, woman, she was 38) we knew who was standing there turned around and said “Have we ever used an atom bomb?” My mouth dropped and I said “Uh, Hiroshima and Nagasaki?” “What’s that?” she said. I had to turn and walk away.
    Maybe she’s one of his FB friends.


    • Well, she had to walk away, you had started speaking random syllables at her. She probably thought you were having a stroke. Which means she probably shoulda called somebody. So she’s not only stupid, she’s a selfish bitch, too!


  14. I’m still stuck ont eh fact that you took notes. … …


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