Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies!

Alright, we know I’m one more kitten away from official Crazy Cat Lady status (for some reason, the magic number is 5).  So I discovered something this weekend that may seal the deal:

I am perfectly willing to eat/drink after a cat.

Now, I don’t mean I eat catfood, I mean if they don’t eat some people-food I give them, I will take it back and eat it.  Callie Jean is very bad to have eyes MUCH bigger than her stomach, so she always demands “one more bite” of whatever I’m having, then sniffs it and walks away. (Except with ham.  Ham is Callie’s kryptonite).  At that point, if none of the other cats are around, I will eat it.

And Marceau is fascinated by beverages — he either wants to play with the ice cubes or stick his face in the carbonation.  Which results in me basically sharing a drink with the cat.

Is this weird?  I let the furry little bastards “wash” me and put their noses in my nose, so is this really any different?  And the only reason I don’t use the Callie Jean Parenting Method is that I get a mouth full of fur…

I do draw the line at eating stuff they’ve chewed all the good out of and spat back out.  That’s just good sense.



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36 responses to “Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies!

  1. I had a video up once of Thelma licking an Edy’s Fruit Bar that I was eating. Do you think I threw it away after? That’s why God gave us an immune system. To eat after our pets.


    • EXACTLY. I would rather eat off one end of something Callie Jean is eating the other end of EVERY DAY than eat something an unattended child has even LOOKED AT! And I’m gonna have to see how Ti-Jacques feels about popsicles, I’m thinking he’ll be a fan.


  2. Monkey is the court taster. She has to have a lick of whatever I’m having. Most of the time she doesn’t like it. Then I just finish it off. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Now, mead… she’ll drink it drop by drop as long as she can lick it off my finger once I dip it in the glass. I rarely get more than a drop for myself. And yep, I’d eat after Monkey any old day before I’d touch something a kid had gotten at. I don’t know if this is because I love Monkey and dislike the tiny snotfarms…. oh wait, yeah, I do know that.


  3. Ok, this is really bad. Yesterday I chased Flannery away from the Hubs glass….because the Hubs was sick. Yes, I saved the cat from getting his cold. She did not really appreciate my forward thinking.


  4. Shit, only FIVE is the magic number? Crap.

    I eat after the cats all the time. And Theta is allowed to sit on the table while I eat because she will wait for me to give her some of my food, and won’t just try to steal it like the other cats.


  5. Um . . . ewwww. Speaking as a person with kids and no cats, I will second the no eating after the kids thing. They are so germ infested I never eat anything from their utensils and make sure they don’t eat off of each other’s. Then again, I am a bit of a germaphile.

    But eating after the pets? Gross. I always heard that thing about dog’s tongues being super clean or some shit, but I still didn’t want them licking me in the mouth. Yuck. Same with eating after them.

    Maybe it’s different if you are a crazy cat lady, which I apparently am not. I’ll eat my food all by myself, thank you very much.


    • I think you’re just scared of germs in general… and perhaps selfish about food… ; )


    • Yes, I know nice of me to show up Kate to the party right? But Misty, got your back on this one. I don’t have kids and this reason is in my top 5. And the closest I’ve ever come to eating after a pet was pulling a rib out of the dogs mouth and taking it back because he snapped and me when I gave it to him… then I genly thumped him, said NO! And went and bleached my hands.


  6. When I was younger, I used to drink after my cat. Then I remembered she liked her butt. Now my cat eats after me. Never the other way around.


  7. While it is true that a cat’s mouth is cleaner than the human hand – I ran the cultures myself in high school biology – I do not eat after my cats. Mostly because the food has then been on the floor because that is where they are allowed to eat. Plus, have you seen how furry Kitten Thunder is? If they put their head in my glass the whole rim is fuzzy. And there’s hair floating on the surface.

    Also? I won’t eat without washing my hands.


    • I’m with you on the handwashing — I am the Purell Queen ever since the unattended child gave me the plague! And I draw the line at eating food off the floor — I KNOW I really ought to vacuum more often!


  8. My Siamese used to beg for shrimp when I made it. It was the only food he ever cared for besides his usual dry Friskies. So I’d tear up a shrimp and put it on a coaster for him and we’d both eat. Sometimes he’d be up for a second one, but once he had his taste, he’d leave me alone. But once he’d smell it cooking, he’d yowl until I gave him some.


  9. I often have to chase Lila and Crystal away from my lunch so let’s face facts: if I wasn’t willing to eat after my cats, I’d starve. They don’t try to poach my drinks though, that’s what Youngest does. And I will NOT eat or drink after Youngest, kid is a germ factory. He thinks hygiene is a greeting.


  10. Jen

    Pfft! I eat my short people’s leftovers and you know those little bastards are germier than a cat. I ain’t throwin’ stones, my sistah.


  11. Well, I am a bad Mama: Prada doesn’t get people food. Ever. I’ve even scared The Squeeze into not cheating on that one. It’s too important that she not get fat–too hard on her remaining joints. But I have totally given up on getting her to stop shoving her tongue up my nose.


    • that’s a legitimate excuse for not feeding people food (although I’m sure Prada thinks it’s a nefarious plot!) And life is not worth living without some furry creature shoving its nose/tongue/etc in your nose!


  12. My understanding is that dog’s mouths are cleaner than cat’s mouths, but I’ve seen what my dogs do, so I’m assuming cats do worse, they’re just more private about it. But, hey, if no harm has come of it, no foul.

    I let my cat clean the dishes after I’m done eating.


  13. Jo

    I would be a crazy cat lady if the lickin’ of the butt thing didn’t happen. I’ll give them bits of what I’m eating, but then it goes in the trash if they don’t like it.
    However, that being said, I do like kitty and doggie kisses, so I’m not sure why I wouldn’t eat food after them. Seems kinda dumb, now that I think about it.


  14. I had a roommate once that insisted I have separate dishes for the cat’s food and separate sponges to wash them with. What she didn’t realize is that I kept forgetting which were the cat’s sponges and which were the people sponges. I mean, you’re *washing* the dishes ferheavensakes! She totally would have killed me in my sleep if she had known. Ha!

    She finally moved out because I was only willing to clean the catbox once a day…not after every single poop.

    Funny thing was, she was not very clean herself, and her room was always a huge heap of dirty clothes and half eaten food left on dishes strewn about.


    • OHMAHGAWD, whatta freak! Seriously? You’re lucky I’m WASHING the dishes! And the only reason to clean after every poop is Ti-Jacques, who converts everything he eats into toxic waste.


  15. jen smith

    LOL – I feed a raw food diet and my dogs and cats all drink out of my glass. They prefer their beverages with ice thankyewverymush! I am convinced that I am immune to salmonella. Also, I have no need to buy Dawn since all of my pots and pans are pre-washed. Hmmm I wonder why no one will come over to my house any more? 🙂


    • I grew up eating so much weird shit (thanks to my grandparents) that if I get food poisoning, it’s gotta be pretty bad! And if people came over, that would mean less drink for you and the pets! That’s SCIENCE.


  16. I’m sort of disappointed when I *don’t* find cat hair in something I’m eating.

    Teva drinks out of my cups, Isabel dips her paw in my cereal, etc. etc. etc.


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