Play It Again, Sam

Okay, so Chuckweasel and I don’t really have “a song” so to speak… unless you count the theme song from “The Greatest American Hero” TV series ( look it up).  But it occurred to me this weekend that some people who DO have songs, well… shouldn’t.


If you have a ROUTINE… lordy lordy, there’s just no good side to that.  We had a couple at the party this weekend (remember, this is the second time we’ve done this particular party) who ONCE AGAIN requested “Wave on Wave”… and once again did their little dance routine to it.  Like, as Chuckweasel said, they should have had numbers on their backs or something.

And just so’s ya know… once you request a song AND PROCEED TO DO A ROUTINE… the DJ’s will refer to you by that song’s title.  Which is fine for “Here comes ‘Wave on Wave'” but not so good for “I haven’t seen ‘Crazy Bitch’ this year.”

That brings us to our next point… if your song is DIRTY, prolly best to keep it between the 2 of ya.  Unfortunately, NO ONE DOES THIS.  I once attended a wedding (as a guest, not a DJ, thank GAWD) where the couple’s first dance as man and wife was — no lie — “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw?” by Jimmy Buffett.  In front of their mamas and the preacher and everybody.  No, just… no.  Also, the aforementioned “Crazy Bitch” — yes, I love that song, too, but requesting it to be played to your ladylove AT HER OFFICE PARTY is simply. Not. Done.  And at the bar where we used to work, the former owner used to request “Something in Your Mouth” for his wife — I would murder Chuckweasel with a ballpoint pen if he dedicated that song to me in public.

All in all, if your song tells me A) you’ve been together way too long or B) you have a very active sex life — KEEP THAT SHIT AT HOME.  Nobody wants to see that.



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37 responses to “Play It Again, Sam

  1. If I ever marry, I want to walk down the aisle to “Crazy Bitch.” It just seems right. And it will be in Vegas, and an Elvis impersonator will be officiating with a Michael Jackson look-a-like witnessing, while holding a chimp in a tutu. You’ll be invited.


  2. My ex husband and I had a song….Truly…played it at the divorce hearing, too. HAHAHA!!!

    Something in Your Mouth!! Makes me wanna gag…


  3. Crazy Bitch? Really? At an office party, no less. Just wrong on so many levels. I’m sure that is a relationship that will stand the test of time . . .

    And yeah, keep it in the bedroom, people. Nobody wants to know about your first drunken hookup, especially not your Nana.


  4. Boyfriend and I have similar but very very different taste in music. I am pretty sure we don’t have a song… Well, maybe the theme to Doctor Who… would that be too nerdy?


  5. Of course people want to see and hear that stuff… it gives them something to talk about later… or write about!


  6. That’s a real Jimmy Buffet song? Wow…. I learned more than one thing from this post.


  7. I think the last time I “had a song” with anyone, I was a freshman in high school. And it was most likely Bonnie Tyler or Air Supply. And when I say most likely, it was.


  8. Jen

    If I ever get married again (yeah right, THAT’s really gonna happen) I would have you play “Before He Cheats”. Let him know up front that if he tries it the shit’s gonna get real.


  9. I did NOT have to look up that song. I read your sentence and the song instantly started playing in my head. You should request that everywhere you go. You guys should start EVERY gig with it.

    The Boy and I don’t have a song. But I think we have an artist. Colbie Caillat always has a song out that is EXACTLY where we are in our relationship, starting with “Lucky,” which came out the exact same week that I decided to date my best friend of six years. I hope she never releases a break up song.


  10. I run karaoke, and it’s always a little awkward when really drunk couple request a Lady Antebellum duet but then make out instead of singing. Dude, you have MICROPHONES. I don’t want to see you suck face, but I most definitely don’t want to hear it.


  11. OMG this is hilarious but I totally agree… s’ok though at my sister’s wedding I apparently was begging the DJ to let me sing karaoke, thank God he didn’t. I salute you good sir and kind madam for being at the front lines of stopping drunken fools doing even more foolish things….


  12. The Hubs and I have such different tastes, I’m not sure we have a musical genre in common — let alone a song. We compromised by dancing to “Glory of Love” at our wedding. It was the only song we both felt was acceptable.

    If I had been picking the music? The Pixies “Head On” would have been on the playlist, along with the Cramps “Like a Bad Girl Should” — and probably a few others that would have given my grandparents a coronary.


  13. Tom and I have three songs: 1. Our joke song: Method of Modern Love because we were watching the video and laughing at it and I declared it our song. 2. Our realistic song: Suspicious Minds (if we had an actual wedding I would have walking down the aisle to this song) 3. Our “romantic” song: The Only Living Boy in New York, which has nothing really to do with love, and is now used to sell cars on the TV.

    And I felt uncomfortable just READING about the couple with the dance routine.


    • I guess if we ever intended to do the traditional wedding thing, we’d have to figure something out… unfortunately, we are both assholes, so there’s no guarantee the songs wouldn’t be secret “in” jokes!


  14. That it’s possible to find a man who will a.) agree to do a dance routine with you, b.) *actually* learn the steps and all to said routine, and c.) do the routine in front of other people, is a mystery to me. I can’t find one willing to take dance lessons for the standard stuff, let alone turn us into a not-famous version of DWTS.


    • It was funny, the wife of the “Wave on Wave” couple was actually off running her mouth at somebody when the song came on, and the husband got up and took off his jacket all flourishy and then GOT PISSY when she didn’t run over there fast enough!


  15. I’ve never had a song with anyone, but I’ve dated a lot of crazy bitches.


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