Shake Yo’ Groove Thang

But not too much, it’s attached to your pancreas.  Who knew?

The gig Friday night went great — this client was actually the first party we ever did, so they’re our first repeat customers (GO US!) and we rocked the house.  I danced about 60-percent as much as I normally would — every now I then I had to sit one out to avoid angering my internal organs.  I was also able to eat more than I expected — they did a sit-down dinner, so I got mashed potatoes and jasmine rice.  I also tried some green beans (nope, too crunchy) and some sliced squash (probably bad, but it’s the softest veggie I can think of and I’m craving raw veggies like nobody’s bidness!)  Stupid evil Chuckweasel got to eat a pork chop… but he said it tasted AWFUL and he only ate it so the cooks wouldn’t feel bad, so that’s okay.

My head doctor actually hugged me and CRIED when she saw me Friday — I guess y’all aren’t the only ones I scared the bejeezus out of!  I get to do some more bloodwork today (and continue my ongoing effort to look like a heroin addict!) and see what’s going on in there… but I FEEL okay, so that’s what I’m going with.

Also?  Down another 5 pounds — I’m gettin’ downright skinny!



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20 responses to “Shake Yo’ Groove Thang

  1. Glad you are at least able to shake it a little bit.

    I am so jealous of your weight loss. Then again, if I was restricted to eating nothing but air and water, I’d probably be skinny, too. Not sure I’m down with the whole almost dying part of that diet, though. Maybe I’ll just stick to Weight Watchers.


    • I’m looking at it as the one good part of this whole experience — kinda like in olden times, when you’d be dying of consumption but you’d be all slender and ethereal? At least I look good enough to make people do stuff for me!


  2. Isn’t it funny (not funny ha ha) that we always want to eat what we can’t have? And I’m not talking about shouldn’t, but can’t. Although I can’t say I’ve ever craved a vegetable, unless it was covered in cheese…

    Sounds like you’re on the mend, sister girl! I’m glad you got to go out and enjoy yourself, even if you weren’t at 100%.


    • I seriously would injure somebody for some raw cauliflower… or maybe a radish or some broccoli? But Dear Sweet Mama says veggies are too hard to digest, so I’m screwed.


  3. Shake it shake it shake it! I would imagine that feeling good is the first step to getting better. Woo!

    Also, how could you NOT get repeat customers? It sounds like you make the parties get started!


  4. If I lived in the right part of the country, I would totally throw a party just so you could shake your groove thang, and I’d serve mashed potatoes and plain McDonald’s hamburgers and nothing else.


  5. Jen

    Damn, girl! Look at you gettin’ all slender and shit! Glad to hear you were able to bust a move without blowing out your pancreas. Take care of your fabulous self.


  6. I need to try your my internal organs hate me diet. I think it would do me some good….


  7. Hmmm, look like a heroin addict without having to be addicted to heroin, but the catch is that you have to almost die first. Not the best alternate option.

    I’m glad you’re able to move it move it!


    • Well, I do like to move it move it. And I’ve totally given up on wearing long sleeves and trying to hide my shame — now I’m all up in people’s faces like “What? What are you looking at?”


  8. If you can still shake it, you’re still among the living. AWESOME! Unless you’re a zombie. You’re not a zombie, are you?

    Hopefully you’ll be back to a hundred percent before too long. Think about people in olden days — they used to die of this shit all the time, and they never even knew what killed them. Medicine is a very good thing.


    • I know, right? I probably just accounted for an entire Oregon Trail family… think of all the little crosses by the side of the road! And I don’t THINK I’m a zombie, because when I shook it nothin’ came off…


  9. Dancing is always a good sign. And pork chops are disgusting. Feel better 🙂


    • I have trained Chuckweasel perfectly… he makes these awful faces and moans about how nasty good food is, and then I say “And you better eat all that nasty shit, you’ve been so mean to me!” So the system works!


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