Back in the Saddle

Well, tonight will be the first DJ gig since my pancreas tried to kill me, which should be fun since now I’m all skinny and shit.  Plus, I’ve got cute hair.

The part that’s going to suck is that I can’t eat ANY of my favorite party-type nibbly things.  Cheese cubes? NO.  Crudite platter?  That’s healthy, right?  NO.  No vegetables for you, Hoody.  (How can VEGETABLES be bad for me???)  I’ll just have to eat a bunch of my tasty homemade soup and cottage cheese before we go…

I’m also having my first appointment since “the incident” with my head doctor today… I had to cancel the last one because I was, well, in the hospital.  That’ll certainly convince her there really IS something wrong with me!

The most unfair thing in the world is that Brie has a really long shelf life.  I still have Brie in my fridge that I bought pre-pancreas (PP) AND IT HASN’T GONE BAD YET.  This is WRONG.  On many, many levels.  If the expiration date doesn’t get here soon, I’mown eat it.



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23 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. My mom is on this diet all the time. She calls it her “beans and greens” diet… wait, can you have beans? Or does that also make your pancreas explode? Ack. I really need to look your illness up on Wiki or something.

    Nice to see you back on your feet. I suppose it was only a matter of time before you started recruiting others to join the legion of the undead…


    • I think beans are okay… at least, I’m going to DECIDE beans are okay. Especially refried beans, since those are soft and mooshy. And tasty.
      But I don’t think I can have braaaaaaaaains just yet… maybe next week?


  2. Damn, I think I have some brie in my fridge as well. Now I have a hankerin’ for some cheese. I’ll take yours too, since you can’t have it. Then again, maybe it will still be good when you CAN eat it!

    You be careful at that gig . . . don’t dance too much. You already lost a bunch of weight. We don’t want you wasting away to nothingness.


  3. Good luck tonight! I’m glad you are starting to feel better!


  4. I shall Cha Cha Slide in my living room in honor of your first post-pancreapocolypse (ya like that? HUH?) gig. Take it easy girlfran… I’m sure you’re bored out of your brains, but don’t set yourself back by overdoing it. 🙂


  5. Duncan

    Kelly, I love the word pancreapocolypse!

    Hoody, have fun, stay safe!


  6. If you get tired of plain cottage cheese, pour a little French salad dressing on it. It’s good. Don’t judge me.


  7. I know a girl who’s allergic to every food item except carrots and cherries. She takes the anti-nausea medication usually reserved for chemo patients. Also, she technically can’t legally drive, because she isn’t heavy enough to sit in the front seat. She’s supposed to sit in the back. In a booster seat. She’s almost thirty.


  8. I’m not limited to carrots and cherries, but those days may not be far off. Brie is on my no-no list too. I would have to throw it away, because I’m the only person in this house who likes brie and I have ABSOLUTELY NO SELF-CONTROL. None. I would be nomming on the brie and risking the wrath of the gods because… know, brie.


  9. Have fun tonight. Maybe you can snack on some plain dry crackers. Yum.


  10. Jo

    I sure hope you were able to enjoy yourself without over-doing! And just when I think someone has it bad, someone like Dana tells us a story that makes me cringe for someone else.
    BUT, this will get better!


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