Do You Know What Today Is?

It’s my blogiversary!  And I’m celebrating by taking Marceau and Ti-Jacques for a visit with Dr. Snip-Snip, so I’m too rushed for a real post — be back on Monday!



P.S.  That song had BETTER be stuck in your head now.



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31 responses to “Do You Know What Today Is?

  1. Wait! Come back! I don’t know the song. Now I feel left out. Crap.

    Anyways…happy anniversary, man! Nicely done with the words and the funny shit and what not.


  2. Happy Blogiversary, Hoody!! Congrats on reaching that milestone. I will expect you to come back and bring the funny on Monday once the kittehs are taken care of. Don’t you dare let me down, woman!


  3. What a way to celebrate a blogaversary…doubt the kitties are happy about your choice of festivites!


  4. Happy Happy!!

    Oh, Jeebus… you’re taking away the manhood. And you thought they fucked with your makeup before? Just you wait.


  5. Happy blogaversary! Nothing says celebration like a twofer on the castration front. You should probably have some wine with that.


  6. The only song that this post sticks in my head is “Detachable Penis.”
    Consolations to Marceau and Ti-Jacques. Oh, but when you pick them up? If they’re still woozy, sit back and watch the show. Woozy kitties are hilarious.


  7. Wow, congratulations! Way to celebrate being an awesome not-a-man!


  8. Happy Blogiversary! I don’t know what song you were referring to either, but thanks to Leeann I now have “Detachable Penis” stuck in my head.

    After the operation, you’ll have to follow the example of one of my childhood teachers and refer to Marceau and Ti-Jacques as “it.” Because they’ve been neutered, ya know.


  9. Woohoo! Happy blogiversary. You kick some ass.

    Those kitties are going to wake up all stoned thinking, “… something’s… missing…”


  10. Jen

    WHOOT! WHOOT! Hope you celebrate with something more festive than a feline vasectomy. 🙂


  11. When I took Thunder to be snipped, he acted so normal afterwards (aside from a little wooziness), and his incisions were so tiny, that I began to worry that the vet had sedated him, shaved/plucked some hair, and then forgot to do the actual snipping.


  12. Happy Blogiverary, Doll! I’d get you a celebratory kitty, but I think you’re at your limit. 😉


  13. Happy Blogversary and GET WELL SOON! thinking of you and chuckers and DSM and the rest of the clan, get well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  14. Happy blogiversary!!! (A day late, for some reason wordpress wouldn’t let me comment on this post yesterday)


  15. Jo

    Heard you weren’t feeling well, hope all is better soon!


  16. How are you, Hoody? Do you have SADD, or are you just physically down? Not that it’s ANY of my business, but there are a shitload of us out here who get depressed and we can help. So can alcohol and cigarettes. But people are a close second. Just sayin’. Anyway, I will continue to bug you until you grace us with your presence again.


  17. Where oh where has our Hoody gone, where oh where can she beeeeeeeeeeeeee? Did the kittehs revolt and hold you hostage? Are you okay? We miss you. ❤


  18. Hoody? Hoody, are you there? Your cats didn’t take their bloody, merciless revenge on you and are now dining on your toes, right?



  19. Holy crap, two weeks without you, lady. I really hope you get over the plague, or find your way out of that safe you got locked in, finish running that 1000 ultra marathon, finish stocking up the house for the zombie uprising, and finish organizing your socks in color order in your drawers…

    Seriously. Feel better.


  20. LIEEESSSS!!!



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