How’s the Wife & Kids, Pt. 2

Today’s installment of our exclusive interview series with the furry members of the Hoo Household focuses on the single most important question in any cat’s life:

How do you spend your free time?

Callie Jean:  I do a lot of sitting around while the wife is at work, in between my regular mouse-collection patrols, of course.  I also enjoy locking the children in the bathroom from time to time, just to get some peace and quiet.  I still swear, those kids ain’t mine.

Marceau:  I enjoy flipping over the water dish to make Mommy slip and fall — she makes such adorable noises!  But really, the bulk of my day is taken up with jogging and calisthenics — I do enjoy keeping fit!

Mina:  When I’m not climbing Mommy, I like a good race around the house for no reason, followed by random meowing at things no one else can see.  I’m also very spiritual, so I do several daily devotions to Cat Jesus… Mommy says He’s only the cat who lives in the apartment upstairs, but we all know she’s a heathen.

Ti-Jacques:  I spend a lot of time running full-tilt into these things Mommy calls “sliding glass doors.”  I KNOW there’s a way through there, I just know it!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s exciting conclusion:  What’s your favorite food?





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18 responses to “How’s the Wife & Kids, Pt. 2

  1. Jen

    I see Callie Jean utilizes a similar parenting technique. Although I’m usually the one locked in the bathroom.


  2. Damn, I wanna be Callie Jean. Sitting around the house all day and locking the kids in the bathroom. Sounds good to me. Where do I sign up?


  3. Jo

    What do you mean, conclusion? I’m enjoying this. Ask more questions. Let’s hear from the kittehs! What about their hopes and dreams and aspirations and their favorite food and favorite activity and their favorite way to torture you? What about THOSE?


  4. You need to keep ti-jaques away from my three, they will tell him the secrets beyond the glass door, and how to sneak through it.


  5. Some day you’ll let your guard down and leave the sliding glass door open and it WILL work. Then he’ll run into it twice as much.


  6. Lila and Mina are clearly soul mates, except Lila also does something we call “drive-by rubbing,” where she races VERY FAST across the room to rub herself leisurely against our legs. When the Hubs and I are standing in the same space, she’ll go back and forth between us. It’s seriously odd.

    Crystal spends all day sleeping, hissing at people, and making horrible noises while the kids pick her up and love on her. She also perches on top of the lizard cages and plots their untimely demise. She might be the Antichrist in cat form. We’re not really sure.


    • I used to have a cat who would lay on top of the gerbils’ cage — no wonder those little bastards were so neurotic! And Callie Jean does what I call the “Hi There!” — she runs full tilt into the living room, leaps up beside me, and then looks at me like “What? Why’d you jump?”


  7. My cat does several of these things. He also sits in front of a particular air vent and sniffs at it like fancy people do glasses of wine.


  8. Holly enjoys lap-sitting, window-gazing, rolling around in certain spots on the floor while being petted, chasing things, being groomed by Thunder, eating, and sleeping.

    Thunder enjoys being picked up, being put down, chasing toys that appear to be hiding from him, grooming Holly, complaining about the food, lap-sitting, eating, sleeping, and chewing plastic.


    • what is it with the plastic? Mina chews her forks non-stop! I actually chewed the end off one just to see what the attraction was… I still don’t get it. But there WAS a girl on “My Strange Addiction” who actually ATE plastic forks, so maybe I’m the weird one!


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