How’s the Wife & Kids?

Now, this here blog has been around for almost a year now, and I’d say we all know each other pretty well by now… and y’all know Chuckweasel from his own blog (when he chooses to post, ahem, ahem).  But they say you never really know someone ’til you’ve met their family, and, as y’all know, mine is of the furry variety.  So, some Q & A with the other members of the Hoo Household.

1.  Which toy could you absolutely NEVER live without?

Callie Jean:  I do not so much PLAY with toys as COLLECT them… I am the QUEEN.  I spend HOURS going around the house, rounding up mice to be consigned to Mouseschwitz.  The Queen does not approve of mice roaming freely.

Marceau (it helps to picture him in a smoking jacket a la Truman Capote, with a cigarette in a holder and an air of entitlement):  As y’all know, I LOOOOOVE to experiment with razors, tweezers and makeup — I’m just mad for personal grooming!  I also enjoy rearranging Mommy’s hair while she’s sleeping, but then she wakes up and utterly DESTROYS my work.  Philistine.

Mina:  My most favoritest toy is Mommy.  Mommy is best climbing post EVAH, especially when she gets out of the shower and puts a towel on her head.  I am also a fan of plastic forks, spoons, and knives… but forks are best.  Shut up, they ARE.

Ti-Jacques:  The best toys are my brother and sister, whether they’re in a playing mood or not.  I was also a professional curtain climber until, as Mommy says, my “fat little ass” pulled them down.  I don’t know what she meant by that.

Next up:  How do you spend your free time?



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25 responses to “How’s the Wife & Kids?

  1. Adorable. I have been meaning to mention how much of a philistine you are Hoody. You should work on that.


  2. You need to get a cat sized smoking jacket for Marceau and post some pics.


  3. Dear Ti-Jacques,
    Next time Mommy says you have a “fat little ass”, go into the bedroom and use that fat little ass to leave chocolate star prints on her pillowcases. She’ll have a whole new nickname for you in no time, promise!
    Meow, meow,
    Solstice and Wolfie (Haylah’s kitties)


  4. Lila and Crystal would answer the favorite toy question with: the long Nerf bullets from the kids’ Nerf guns. They are springy, chewy, and Mom keeps grabbing them away from us….something about a choking hazard? Nonsense!

    Seriously, though, their favorite spot in my sewing room is lounging next to the storage unit because one of the Nerf bullets is trapped underneath. When they’re feeling particularly athletic, they stretch out and stick their paws under the unit in a futile attempt to liberate the damn thing.

    I’m picturing Marceau as a cat version of Christian Siriano.


  5. Jen

    I’m not a big animal person, but I could totally see owning a cat. They’re sneaky little fuckers who like to sleep all day. We’d get along famously.


  6. my cat has this ratty looking plush (well, once was plush, now it’s… just manky) whale, she’s had it since she was a kitten, and she’s licked it so much that all the white microfibre stuffing is starting to come through the fabric. It’s revolting, but she loves it.
    She puts all her paws on it, like it’s going to run away, and then licks the crap out of it. Or I guess, really, licks the stuffing out of it 🙂


    • we have one of those in the Hoo Household, too — I think it was originally a leopard-print mousie that you could stuff full of catnip, but now it’s a mange-covered blob that I don’t like to touch!


  7. I’ve always had Callie Jean in my head as a combo Joan Collins (“Dynasty” era) and Granny Clampett.
    I love the mental picture I have now of Marceau. 🙂


    • I refer to her as “The Beatin’ Mama.” As in, when the kittens act up, I tell them I’m gonna go get the Beatin’ Mama! She’s the disciplinarian, I’m just the can-opener!


  8. Callie Jean and Teva are probably distant cousins. Teva enjoys collecting her toys and piling them on the bed, sometimes while I’m sleeping in said bed. How thoughtful.


    • I tried putting all the toys in their “toy box” (a shoebox they’ve taken possession of for playing “King of the Shoebox”) so I could run the vacuum, and CJ looked at me like, “What the HELL are you doing? Those prisoners were not authorized for transfer!” Then the kittens liberated all the prisoners and I was in trouble.


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