Return of THE RAGE

Once again, I’m busier than a one-armed paperhanger trying to fix the shit the IT Terrorist broke yesterday!  Hopefully things will get back to normal in time for a real post on Monday!

Love and Kisses,




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17 responses to “Return of THE RAGE

  1. Sorry Hooty babe. Try to forget about the fuckhead this weekend. Have lots of drinks. That usually helps with my forgetting ability.


  2. That’s I.T. for you… always on the cutting edge of finding newer, more efficient ways to fuck up your day.


  3. Yes, I recently discovered they schedule security scans of my computer in the middle of the afternoon… when I am busiest. That way, I can’t actually do any work. Way to go, guys!

    Seriously, though, it sounds like these guys could use a good ass-whoopin’. I have (shhhh! Don’t tell anyone) worked IT before, and most of the time as an IT professional, you can avoid fucking up your users’ systems if you have half a brain.


  4. Try not to shank anybody. My cold is getting better, and you promised me krab salad. Kinda hard to make krab salad when you’re in jail. I’m just saying this for your own good.

    Spell check insists that krab should be spelled crab. No, you pretentious fuckwad, they’re two different things. My computer won’t even let me spell things wrong on purpose anymore. Asshats.


  5. I think your IT guy works for AT&T because they took my payment out twice this month. And “they’ll get back to me” about refunding it… and “look at it this way, you might not have a bill next month!” Great, fuckstick. Are you going to pay my other bills?


    • this is why whenever they say “do you wanna sign up for automatic billing?” I always say “No, bite me.” — They can’t get my SERVICE right, which is their JOB, so why should I trust them with my money?


  6. I hate computers.
    and IT people.
    kinda sucks that I’m a programmer who co-owns an IT company, huh?


    • I think you probably have to deal with them so much, it has sparked a hatred. Either that, or you have self-hate problems, like a black-Republican or a anti-Semitic Jew…


  7. That IT dude needs to be tied up in a burlap sack and tossed into a large body of fast flowing water.


  8. Go out and get that hobo loogie! They deserve it. you need to password protect your computer.


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