No blog today, I am too filled with rage.  And yes, it IS once again work computer related.  I’ll be back tomorrow if I don’t burst a blood vessel or murder someone.



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18 responses to “THE RAGE

  1. I think you should post even if you DO murder someone. I am not internet friends with any murderers. Wait. Maybe I am and I don’t know it…

    But shit.

    I hope things get better for you. I hear vodka can help.


  2. Yes, if you kill someone, that is at least fodder for an excellent blog post. Keep us informed of any nefarious activities . . .

    I am the head Barrister as you know, so I need to know of any legal issues I will be required to deal with, of course. Shit. Now I’m worried I will be very busy in this role . . .



  3. Did those fuckers unfix the bathroom fan?


  4. If you murder someone, please, think of your readers and take pictures.
    If you bust a blood vessel, remember if you’re wearing white to get it in some cold water soon as possible.
    More PSAs after the break.


  5. You know those “X days without an accident” signs they have at some workplaces? You need an “X days without killing anyone” sign for your office.


  6. My cold is kicking my ass. Can I volunteer to be your victim? I’m pretty sure death would fix this congestion better than Sudafed.


  7. Yeah, I refuse to blog when I’m raging- thus none today (Thursday.) Must be a ragey week.


  8. Ah the old work IT meltdown/snafu. I remember it well and feel your rage. At home when I get pissed of at a computer I can throw it out in the driveway and run it over with my husband’s huge honkin Ford F150 pickup truck. Very satisfying!


  9. hey, great blog! love it 🙂


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