The Care & Feeding of Chuckweasel

As promised, I will attempt to explain the Twilight Zone-esque experience that is dining out with our beloved Chuckweasel.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a delightful dinner companion, it’s just… he fears change.

At the breakfast place we go to, he always gets the same thing — the ham omelet.  At most any lunch, he will order a club sandwich.  If there is no club sandwich, he will get chicken tenders.  If they don’t have either of those, it had better be an Italian place or he’ll go into vapor lock.

Now, he claims he just knows what he likes, and orders accordingly.  I contend it’s because he is set in his ways and is just seconds from wearing his pants really high and yelling at kids to get off the lawn.  After all, when I made him try sushi, he let it fall out of his mouth like a dog with a grape.

Sorry this is so short, but it’s the end of the quarter and that means the FCC is on my ass… be back as soon as I can!



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32 responses to “The Care & Feeding of Chuckweasel

  1. I may be the female version of CHuckweasel. I always order the same thing. Except I alternate between the ham and cheese omelet and the crab omelet.

    But his sushi experience? I did the exact same thing.


  2. I just say that makes it easier. At least you know what will always make him happy. What are his dinner choices? Or does he still stick with club sandwich/chicken tenders? If they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, at least you only have to learn how to cook a few things really really well, right?


    • the problem is, I really LIKE to cook… weird shit. Like Beef Wellington and crazy shit like that. But I also make a damn fine Chicken Parm, which is one of the Chuckweasel food groups!


  3. There’s something comforting about the same food tasting the same every time you go to a certain place, but I’d hate to see CW if they ever got new management or fiddled with the recipe… would chaos ensue?


  4. My brother eats spaghetti or a burger anywhere we go. I’ve made up for that by trying anything new and different.


  5. I’m a little like that, too. I’ll also try really hard to pick something new, then the waiter comes and I panic and ask for chicken tenders.


  6. I eat a large variety of food, especially if I’m trying a new place, but then I pick one thing from each restaurant we frequent and always get the same thing. Because I know I’ll like it and it frees up my brain to concentrate on other things, like conversation and possible drive-by shootings.

    Chuckweasel sees a dentist regularly, right? One of my mom’s friends only eats fried shrimp and fried chicken — well, he eats other things but that is all he LIKES — and his teeth are completely jacked up.


  7. Jen

    That’s a bad sign for a woman when a man won’t taste or smell raw fish. A bad sign indeed. . .


  8. Sounds a lot like my Dad. His menu picks, in this order, are: steak, chicken fingers, get in the car and go home.

    I don’t think you have to worry until Chuckweasel starts eating corn at every meal. Oh no, he’s not doing it already is he? IS HE?!


  9. Chuckweasel and I are on different planets on eating spectrums. I’ll try anything, at least once. This has gotten me into questionable situations more than once.


  10. “he let it fall out of his mouth like a dog with a grape” I thought only I did that out in public.


  11. My husband is a picky eater, he drives me crazy with all of his food rules.


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