Yep, Still a Child

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes (Laura got me a pony!).  Chuckweasel and I did NOT end up going to the Mexican joint, because we were wooed away by Logan’s Roadhouse (they were having one of those “2 can dine for something-99” deals, but of course we didn’t get any of those, they’re NORMAL-sized entrees!) The Weasel got chicken tenders (possibly because they didn’t make a club sandwich — I’ll cover his weird dining habits in more detail in a later post)  and I got Ribs and Shrimp and a liquor drink that — honest to Jeebus — came in a JAR.  Like, they brought you a glass with ice and some of the drink in it, then set down this JAR with probably 2 more drinks’ worth in it!

I was FUCKED.UP.  And I mean singing-and-dancing-in-the-car-on-the-way-home fucked up.  Chuckweasel is a goddamn SAINT for putting up with my shenanigans!

Plus, then before I went to bed, my drunk ass decided it would be a good idea to “paint” my fingernails with Sharpie marker.  Black on the left hand, red on the right.  Interestingly enough, the red has smeared and faded, but the black still looks cool… wouldn’t you think all Sharpie would be the same?

PS — I forgot to mention — the boys at work gave me a “prison birthday” — a single pack of snack cakes and a little microwaveable bowl of ravioli.  Just like on “Hard Time!”  No candles, though, we’re not allowed access to fire!

UPDATE!!!! OMG, the fuckers fixed the bathroom fan!  What a great birthday!



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27 responses to “Yep, Still a Child

  1. Nothing says classy birthday like liquor in a jar.

    And it was your birthday . . . you are allowed to act like a drunken asshole on your birthday. It’s federal law. I’m a lawyer, I know these things. Don’t question my authority.


  2. Yay, you got your fan back! It’s the little things in life.

    I can’t even remember the last time I got singin’ and dancin’ drunk. Vegas? Clearly a sign I’m overdue for a repeat. I’ll be raising a White Russian tonight in your honor.


  3. I admit, I thought a prison birthday would involve more showering.


  4. Jen

    Sharpies also make fabulous eyeliner. . .just sayin’.
    Glad you celebrated like a classy bitch. Much love, my dear!


  5. I was horrified that your dining decisions for your birthday were based on something practical like a two for one deal. Luckily, you almost instantly redeemed yourself by not getting said deal. Well played.


  6. The town I went to college in (which may or may not be the one that always loses in the coal bowl…ahem) had a bar that served $5 mini pitchers of well drinks some nights, this resulted in me dancing to the techno version of Cotton Eye Joe on a several occasions.


  7. Sounds like a birthday to me.

    The Mexican restaurant we go to serves very strong margaritas, which make me juuust drunk enough to feel like I have to hide it. So, I usually “act casual” and buy a giant gumball from the gumball machine. Because I, too, am still a child.


    • I buy those weird packs of like three pieces of gum that Mexican restaurants always sell at the register. Even though I’m not driving, I feel the need to hide my shame!


  8. Amy

    Was it one of their Roadhouse Teas? Those things will kick your ass, but in such a pleasant way that you come crawling back for more.


  9. Sounds like a stellar WIN overall, less red Sharpie. Happy Belated!

    I like at Boston Pizza when they serve me alcoholic beverages in an actual FISH BOWL. Nothing says “I’m puking on the bathroom floor tonight!” like a straw in a fishbowl full of alcohol!


    • DSM and I once drank the middle out of one of those “Flaming Volcanoes” that come in a flower pot with fire in the middle… we thought it was 151. Pro tip: It’s Sterno.


  10. You sound very excited in this post! There are a lot of exclamation points! Which is ok! Because I love exclamation points! Especially when they are birthday-related exclamation points! Houray!!


  11. I still color my nails with crayons. Yes, I have crayons. I have more crayons than any grown up has a right to have. I have POUNDS of crayons.

    And who the hell wants to be an adult, anyway?



    Happy birfday, A-FUCKING-GAIN!

    My Minions made me (yes, MADE me) a cake, and bought me booze. Fuckers know me so well.

    Happy Birthday You Crazy Fucker! :)D


  13. Your birthday was full of all sorts of win.


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