Casa Bonita, Casa Bonita!

That’s right, Hooligans, it’s that time of year.  So in the words of the great Eric Cartman:

“It’s mah biiiiiirthday, mah buh-buh-buh-biiiiiiirthdaaaaay!”

I am now officially (well, actually not until like 11-something at night if you wanna get technical — sorry about that, Dear Sweet Mama!) the big 3-5… yes, alack and alay, no longer in my “early” thirties.  It’s weird, though — I tested myself this morning by saying “that’s what SHE said,” and I still snorted and giggled.  Then I high-fived myself.  So, not grown-up yet… maybe next year? 


So Chuckweasel and I are hitting the Mexican joint for birthday lunch today (not QUITE as fine as Casa Bonita from “South Park”, but add a waterfall and they’d be close!).  Then I’ll be in an enchilada-induced coma for awhile, and by the time I can eat again Poor Ol’ Dad will be taking me to the Red Lobster on Sunday (we’re going after he gets home from church, the which I don’t have to go to, ’cause #1 I’m a heathen and #2 IT’S MAH BIRTHDAY!

That’s all for now — remember to check your emails to see what color Ultra-Mega-Mega Man you’re supposed to get me.



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51 responses to “Casa Bonita, Casa Bonita!

  1. Happy Birthday to You
    You live in a Zoo
    You look like a Monkey
    And you smell like one Tooooooo!!
    (that’s for your inner 12 year old. You’re welcome).

    My ass has been warming up the mid-30s for ya for about a year and a half now. I have to say, it’s not that much fun. I am hurtling quickly to 40, and momma wants off this ride!

    Have a great coma-inducing birthday lunch. That’s the great thing about birthdays. You can stuff yourself full of really bad for you food with complete impunity. Woo-hoo!!

    Have a really great birthday. Happy Happy! (I’ll be waiting for my email, don’t wanna get the wrong color now do I?)


  2. Duncan

    Bonita Birthday! : )


  3. If you ever make it out to Colorado, I will take you out to Casa Bonita, home of the ragged splendour, and yes, waterfall and diving show while eating dinner. That’s CLASS!

    In other news, 35 ain’t so bad. I got my first gray hair that I noticed. I keep showing people and they’re like, “Really? Where?” But people take me more seriously now, which makes it easier to fuck with them.


  4. Fuck I bought you Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Good thing I kept the receipt.

    Welcome to 35! It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. And that’s saying something, since the mere thought of it once put me in the fetal position under the kitchen table.


    • honestly, when I was little, I could never even IMAGINE being this old. I thought you turned about 20, got married, had a few kids, and then died. I had no explanation for the fact that my parents and grandparents were A)all older than 20 and B) apparently alive past the age of 20!


  5. Amy

    Happy Birthday! Do they bring you flan with a candle in it at Mexican restaurants?
    I’m 3 years away from 40 and I still don’t feel or act like a grown up. So, here’s to many more years of you high-fiving yourself!


    • Chuckweasel told me this morning (after I showed him that I had “painted” my fingernails black and red with a Sharpie marker) that you never actually “grow up,” you just learn how to behave in public. I don’t think I’ve done EITHER of those…


  6. Happy Birthday, Hoody Hoo! Have a fabulous day!

    My favorite Mexican dessert is flan – have some for me, will ya?




  8. Happy Birthday! Are you in a part of WV that has a Rio Grande? That was always my favorite place.


  9. Jen

    Happy Birthday, Cartman. Can I get you the red Megaman? ‘Cuz, much like Kenny, I’m broke as a joke.


  10. Happy birthday! Enjoy your birthday coma.


  11. Happy Birthday! Remmeber-the flan cannot structurally support candles- it can get dangerous.


  12. Birthday happy!Try to remember that you are old now and anything you do today will exact payment tomorrow!


  13. And yet another reason we are similar…..

    My bday is tomorrow and messican is on the menu.



    • Dear Sweet Mama

      Happy Birthday Tazer – you may be Hoody’s unfound twin. The doctor kept predicting twins and she was born shortly – like minutes = before midnight. Perhaps they sneaked you out into another room somehow. It is a interesting conversation to have your OB between your legs looking earnestly and saying, Where is the other one? Sorry about the messican food thing – all i could eat was enchiladas and tomato soup for a long time. With an occassional Banquet messican tv dinner for variety.


      • HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNFOUND TWIN! And it IS entirely DSM’s fault we eat our weight in Messican — she forgot to mention she also ate those tamales inna can for like her entire pregnancy… mmmm, tamales inna can…


  14. Happy birthday, and as your present, I will respect your authoritah!


  15. Of course I’m late. Not unbearably late, but…. ah well.
    Also… 35? Get the fuck off my lawn.


  16. Happy Birthday! I’m on the downhill slope from 35 and hurtling towards 40 myself, but the older I get the less I care. I’m eagerly anticipating elastic waistband pants, the better to eat coma-inducing enchiladas in. I’m hoping to get more gray hairs, because they showcase purple and pink dye better. I’m looking forward to becoming thoroughly raddled so people stop expecting me to show up ANYWHERE sober.

    Middle age, hah. BRING IT. Also, I’m sending you an incurable joie de vivre for your birthday. You’re welcome. Use wisely.


    • DSM has already discovered that dye shows up better on gray hairs… but that the evil SUN will fade it right out! So she was not blue and purple for very long at the beach this year… alas…
      And I’m enjoying the FUCK out of getting older… I find people are steadily decreasing their expectations of me!


  17. Happy birthday! I got a happy birthday “that’s what she said” story for you, because you’re right, it will always be funny. While at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru this morning, this conversation took place after I was handed a large, iced coffee that appeared to have milk in it:

    me: Excuse me, sorry, but I ordered my coffee black?

    dude at the window (who, incidentally was black): That coffee is black, ma’am.

    I look at it.

    me: Oh okay. Well, can you maybe.. make it… blacker?

    dude: That’s what she said, ma’am.

    enjoy your day!


    • Similar experience at Ye Olde Burger King in my old (now deceased) car:
      The guy at the money window actually ran up to the food window to tell me he liked my bumper sticker — which said “Herbs make the difference!” And I was thinking how cool it was that so many people were interested in natural healing… then I saw his big long “coke” fingernail and realized he thought I meant HERB, singular.


  18. I’m going to sing you happy birthday, Austrian style:

    Heppy Bursday to you
    Heppy Bursday to you
    Heppy Bursday dear Hoody
    Heppy Bursday to you



    Red Lobster…Mmmmm. Did you get the Unending Shrimp? “Cause I got that last weekend and they had to throw my ass out of the place.


    • haven’t gone to La Lobster yet — that’s Sunday. And I’ll be going with Poor Ol’ Dad, so I’ll hav to at least half-assed behave myself… otherwise they’d find out what a BAAAAD mistake that promotion is!


  20. You are a very clever individual!


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