Deep Thoughts

Yeah, right, like I have those!  But anyway, there are a few things I’ve learned lately that may come in handy at some point.

1.  Even that fine-ass little booger who plays Jason Stackhouse cannot make a movie about evil ventriloquist dummies okay to watch.

2.  The damn people at the Guide Channel have no fucking clue what the movies are about.  Seriously, the word “dummies” never appeared in the description!  OR I WOULDN’T HAVE WATCHED IT.

3.  I will, however, watch Vincent Price in ANYTHING — up to and including “Vincent Price Does His Taxes”  or “Vincent Price Makes a Flan.”

4.  The DVR is rapidly becoming a replacement for all the movies I have on VHS and DVD… there’s shit ON there, but it’s nothing I wanna watch!

5.  That new show, “Terra Nova?”  FUCKING.  EPIC.

AND BONUS:  Marceau loves his Mommy best at around 1:30am… just a few scant hours before she has to get up.  This matters not as he sticks his nose in my mouth and purrs like a lawnmower engine.



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33 responses to “Deep Thoughts

  1. Well, that’s probably when your defenses are at your weakest and he knows he will get some good lovin’ while all the other kittehs are sleeping. Either that, or that silly drag queen hasn’t learned about self preservation yet. (he’s the drag cat, right?)


  2. Did Terra Nova start already? I missed it? DAMN IT! I just saw the teasers for it a couple weeks ago.


  3. I need to go hunt up the movie about evil ventriloquist dummies. This sounds promising as a way to avoid actual work. If it involves Ryan Kwantzen naked or otherwise shirtless, so much the better. I wonder if Netflix has it streaming?


    • It’s called “Dead Silence.” And I think he IS shirtless some of the time! Plus, every now and then he slips up and you hear his real accent! (directors: if your star is British or Australian or whatever, playing an American, do not name his wife “Lisa.” He WILL put an ‘r’ on it.)


  4. Terra Nova is going to be absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait for next week!


  5. Amy

    “Vincent Price Makes a Flan.”
    I think you are my new favorite person.


  6. So, you’re saying I should watcha show about ventriloquist dinosaurs? Wait, what?


  7. I love when the descriptions are movie reviews, rather than telling you what a movie is about. “A poignant coming of age tale. Jason Doowap’s performance is slightly cheesy but still touching.” WHAT IS IT ABOUT!?!


    • when I see those, I always wonder if it’s somebody’s last day over at the ol’ Guide Channel… like when they start giving their opinions: “Jean Claude Van Damme stars in yet another movie about the same thing his movies are always about…”


  8. I’m with you on Terra Nova. It’s pretty cool.


  9. Enjoy your kitten while you can. Soon he will be placing his other end near your mouth while you sleep. Cats are assholes.


  10. Did the ventriloquist dummy look just like Lafayette? If so, you may have actually been watching True Blood.

    And “Vincent Price Makes a Flan” is going in my Netflix queue, and if they don’t have it I will barrage them with e-mails until they get it, actually exists or not.


  11. I was pleasantly surprised by Terra Nova.

    Holly’s favorite thing used to be an extended game of fetch at 4am. She’s mellowed out — now her favorite time for active play is five minutes after I’ve turned out the lights.


    • I’m now just waiting for it to jump the shark — TV has betrayed me so often before. and a human reclining on any flat surface is an automatic invitation to “let’s run like crazy assholes” time!


  12. Jen

    Vincent Price is the shit. Is it creepy that I’m a little attracted to him?


  13. I’ve recorded Terra Nova but haven’t watched it yet — I did make Oldest turn it off 15 minutes before he finished it so he wouldn’t ruin it for me. Tough shit kid, move out and get your own TV.

    The cats have finally learned not to wake us up. Much. Well, not within arms reach anyway.


  14. I’m too dumb to figure out a DVR, and I can never remember when shows are on so I usually just end up watching whatever the fuck looks interesting at the moment. Oh well.


    • when I used to have the Demonic DirecTV, its DVR was so fucked up it would decide to record things FOR you, Like, I watched “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and it decided that meant it should also tape NASCAR. IT’S NOT THE SAME THING, DVR!


  15. lol found your page when searching for different rope knots, dont know how that happened!


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