Better Living Through Chemistry

Damn, what a difference a day makes.  Got the Prozac dosage pumped up, but I figure it’s too soon for that to be more than psychosomatic (who you callin’ a psycho?).  But my first uninterrupted night of sleep in probably 2 months has done WONDERS — OTC sleeping pills don’t do shit to keep you asleep, but when Xanax says night-night, it’s bedtime, dammit!

Can’t thank all of y’all enough for all the support and wonderful comments — I promise, I’m getting back to my usual, snarky self in leaps and bounds!  I’m seeing an actual talking-to therapist next week, so we’ll see how that goes (I usually hate that shit, because WHO ARE THEY TO JUDGE ME?  But I’m giving it a shot).

The best therapy so far has got to be the kitteh therapy — they’ve decided how to arrange themselves on me so no one can’t be on Mommy.  It starts with Mina and Ti-Jacques either laying sideways across my neck (this may have to stop when they get heavier!) or laying longways on me side by side, mooshing my boobs to the side.  Yes, I have kitteh cleavage.  Then Callie Jean takes up position across my hips (possibly because she’s the longest cat and therefore needs the widest part, but we’re not thinking about that!)  and Marceau fills in the space between my knees.  I challenge ANYONE not to be able to chill out in that position!

Today’s big challenge will be going to the WalMart without suffering a setback — but the list is short, so I may be okay.  Poor Ol’ Dad came over and washed a bunch of dishes for me, so I might actually cook!  I think red beans n’ rice n’ cornbread should cure what ails me!

Love y’all so much!




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22 responses to “Better Living Through Chemistry

  1. Glad you’re back! And let the snarking commence . . .

    Plus, doesn’t finally getting a good night of sleep feel like heaven? I feel like a totally different person when that happens. Good luck at the Walmartz. You can do it!


    • Didn’t kill NOBODY! Even though I had a Stan Smith (of “American Dad” fame) moment with the Asian cashier who couldn’t grasp how many boxes I had “Nine?” “No, ten,” I said. “Nine,” she nodded. “No, TEN,” and I showed her my fingers. Then she got a little huffy. But I didn’t hit her!


      • Congrats on the non-violence. But seriously girl, didn’t your DSM teach you anything? If the cashier wants to charge you for less than you have DON’T CORRECT HER DUMB ASS!! Jeez, somebody should benefit from having to deal with the mentally challenged staff of that place.


      • I’m glad you survived Walmart. I always feel guilty when I get impatient with a cashier — this all started years ago when I was feeling irritated at a cashier who was failing to grasp some really simple concept, and then she fainted.
        And I agree, cat therapy is the best.


  2. Esme is 2 and a half years old now and she still lays across my neck. I think she secretly hates me.


  3. Sounds awesome, I recently taught kit to jump into my arms for totally awesome kitty/monkey style hugs. I used to get awesome laying down cuddles too…until they decided that D could be trusted for cuddles too….traitors…


  4. Give me an X! Give me an A! Give me an N! Give me,,,a,,,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

    Pet snuggles are the best therapy. And remember, there’s always someone crazier than you at Walmart.


  5. I have 2.5 words for you: Cats ‘n’ Racks. Google it when you need a laugh. Or need to wonder why these people have so much spare time.

    Oliver sleeps on my face. He weighs 14 pounds. I know he doesn’t hate me, but it concerns me that he wouldn’t love me any less if I were dead. At least then I would stay home.


  6. There are some who wouldn’t complain about having too much pussy.

    I had to say it. Monkey made me. 🙂


  7. You can’t beat a good night’s sleep for putting everyone in a better mood!

    As long as you have a list for Walmart, you should be all right. I have vivid memories of wandering the aisles, crying like a lost soul, wondering whether I should choose the dandruff shampoo or the volumizing shampoo and terrified I’d get it wrong. The drugs helped with that aspect, but they made me homicidal rather than suicidal. So instead of wanting to jump off a cliff because I picked the wrong shampoo, I wanted to STAB someone for making me pick the wrong shampoo. Problematical.

    I also hate talk therapy, because I bore myself, but it worked the best for me. Hopefully, you’ll click with the therapist because that’s supposed to make a big difference.

    Kitteh hugs are the best, aren’t they? Lila used to love up on me all the time, but she’s getting cranky lately because I keep shifting position. Now she tends to lay just out of arm’s reach and taunt me. Hmph.


    • Callie Jean does not approve of movement, either. First you get the look, then the huff, then she kinda rolls around like she’s trying to get comfortable again, then she gets pissed and stalks off. The baby kittehs don’t get mad until one of them lays on top of the other and smothers them!


  8. Yeah, my Jazz-Cat likes to sleep on my face. Not next to my face. On it. I wake up to furry purry suffocation at least twice a week.

    Kitteh Therapy is the bestest.


  9. Mwah! Glad you’re feeling better!


  10. They’ll never stop sleeping on your face, or your pillow, Mine actually made my neck so bad from pushing my head to one side that I had to boot her off the bed for good.

    Kitty therapy is one of the best. They’re so purry and furry.


    • I am currently trying to break the “Dan’l Boone” hat sleeping position where they are actually on the pillow ACROSS my head — I wake up with such a rats’ nest in my hair that I have to yank out great hunks!


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