She’s Baaa—aack…

Yes, your prayers have been answered — Hoody’s back from vacation and she’s ready to bring the funny!  Stay tuned for such baffling tales as…

“Why Does The Concubine Insist on Pissing Off East Coast Aunt When She Knows No Good Can Come of It?”

“How Many Beers Can One Put into One’s Beach Bag Before It Becomes Too Heavy to Lift?”

“What Is the One Sure Way to Get Hoody to Take out the Trash?”


But first, the best part about this vacation… coming home to find that Chuckweasel had found the perfect fit for the kitten-shaped hole in our hearts:



His full name is Jacques-Russell Plissken Hoo-Weasel…  known for now as “Ti-Jacques” because he’s so teeny-tiny.  Welcome home, little man!



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29 responses to “She’s Baaa—aack…

  1. YEHHHHHH!!! I’m excited you returned! Hope your feeling so much better!

    Rotting Corpus always makes me take out the trash…that shit stinks!

    Welcome Back Hoody!!


  2. Welcome back! You’ve been missed. And I can’t see that pic very well because my eye rabies is back, but I trust it’s not a badger.


    • you can’t see that pic because Chuckweasel never turns on any lights (except in rooms he’s about to leave, of course!) And Ti-Jacques is NOT a badger, but he IS as mean as one!


  3. Glad you’re back! Cute kitty!


  4. What a perfect welcome home gift! Enjoy your new kitteh.


  5. Welcome home darling! Sounds like you had a nice holiday. And that kitty is precious. Missed you! Seriously. I did.


  6. That is not a kitten. That is a fur-covered cutesicle wrapped in all-it-ever-wants potential spoiledness.
    Chuckweasel is an enabler. Wonder if he can give H some lessons?


  7. Oh how precious! Congratulations 🙂


  8. Yay! Welcome home! And congrats on the new kitteh.


  9. Oh, that kitty is so full of cute… It almost looks like my cat when she was small, so it might have some crazy Siamese.

    WELCOME BACK! TOTALLY MISSED YOU. The internet isn’t the same when you’re gone.

    Oh, and the answer is, “24” for that beach bag question. Or 48 if you don’t have to lift it for very long, but 48 tends to rip some seams and what a MESS when that happens.


    • I found that only 4 would stay cold enough to drink throughout the duration of the beach excursion… next year — INSULATED LUNCHBOX. I already have one from when an ex used to make me go golfing.


  10. Welcome back! So glad you enjoyed (?) your vacation. Kitten is pretty cute.


  11. Welcome back! And what a post! You TEASE!


  12. OOH! An itty bitty kitty to snuggle! Yay and welcome back!


  13. Glad you are back!! I hope that Ti-Jacques fits in nicely! Hugs hun and bring the funny!!


  14. Yay! You’re back. More funny, more hoody. Life is good.


  15. Jacques-Russell Plissken Hoo-Weasel just rolls right off the tongue. But still, I might just call him J.R. for short.


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