Dream Dream Dree-eams

If there’s one thing I absolutely frickin’ HATE about working this weird shift, it’s that it seems to encourage those weird dreams where you think it’s real life.  And not only do I feel like I’m not getting ANY sleep since my stupid brain thinks we’re up doing stuff all night, but also, I can’t remember what really happened and what was just a dream. 

I mean, I can pretty much weed out all the really weird shit — like if I can fly or what have you — but the mundane, day-to-day shit?  No chance.  Did I tell Chuckweasel I had a doctor’s appointment in real life, or did I just dream it?  For that matter, did I actually MAKE a doctor’s appointment, or did I dream THAT?  DO I EVEN HAVE A DOCTOR?

So the end result of this is that I have lots and lots of conversations that go like this:, “Hey, did I remember to tell you such and such?”  “Yes, and this will be the fourth time.”  “Really?”  “Yes, really.”  But better safe than sorry!  Or maybe it’s “better annoying than absent?”  I’ll work on that.



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25 responses to “Dream Dream Dree-eams

  1. You know what you need? A smart phone! Yup I said it…its sell out time… Didn’t you say Chuckweasle got one? Here is what I do… I put it in my calendar on my Blackberry then I send Rob an invite to the event… I have found my phone makes it unnecessary to speak with him anymore… So I just show my love by tripping him and pulling his hair… (its still done that way right??)


    • that’s GENIUS! I generally show my affection by knocking him down and rubbing gravel in his hair, but sending him an E-Vite to my pap smear is even better!


      • I know, you know! He will LOVE it and when the notification comes on! You need to make it really good like “It’ 9am, and I have my legs in the air with My NEW boyfriend Dr. Vanwinkle! *wisper* hes richhhhhh!” So when he is eating his breakfast he will know HOW much you really do love him….


  2. Juljoh70 is hilarious, Hoody. 🙂 I want to snap her bra and run away.

    That’s how you guys show affection over there, right?



  3. Oh dear 😦 sounds like it’s really messing up your motor and recall functions. So are the cats getting fed four times a day now? I bet they love you if they are 🙂 They’re probably whispering stuff in your ears as you try to sleep just to make you more absent minded. hehe


  4. I do the weird dreams all the time and since retirement no weird night shifts for me. Unless I choose to stay or get up. What catches me up is when I dream of hum drum things like the post office or other boring things. Then I think I’ve already done them and get caught with my pants down.


  5. You know those dreams where you’re just having a normal life and you go to the bathroom and you wake up just before you wet your bed? Every single time I go to the bathroom I start to panic that I’m having one of those dreams and that I’m not waking up. I really don’t want to wet the bed now that I live with The Boy.


    • I do the same thing! Although lately, instead of having those dreams, I have dreams where I’m standing in a really, really long line for a public bathroom.

      Once, I dreamed a cat was licking my fingers, and when I woke up, my cat Holly was licking my fingers.


      • I’m the same way — I am absolutely POSITIVE that if you pee in your dream, you pee in real life. Of course, now I’m even more freaked out that I’ll pee when I THINK I’m awake but I’m actually asleep… thanks a lot you guys!


  6. Dear Sweet Mama

    Last night I dreamed me and Scott Hunter led a revolt of Mexican day workers at CAMC (?!) and woke up chanting “Praise God” as we led them down the streets. Ambien. The other night I woke The Concubine up when I was scratching at the wall trying to get out of the room. Ambien. Perhaps there is a pattern here.


    • see, this is why I don’t take that stuff — I’m having weird enough dreams as it is! And you better be careful, that’s the stuff that makes you sleep-drive and do sleep-crimes!


  7. I’ve been having the same kind of dreams and its been tripping me out.


  8. Whenever someone tells me something that sounds the least bit outlandish, or talk about an event where I was present and don’t remember it, I say, “Maybe you dreamed it.”
    For example:
    “Leauxra, I told you to pay that bill! Now we’re being evicted and will be living on the street!”
    “Maybe you dreamed it.”


  9. Bex

    I too get brain raped by my job. I had a dream last night that I was on holiday in Samoa & got the shits. Yep a seemingly normal dream. Except I was walking round shitting myself all the time. I was covered in it. Even my arms & head. It defys all the laws of gravity but hey the fucked up sub concious makes it’s own rules & apparently mine wants me to be covered in shit.


  10. In college, I once dreamt that my alarm hadn’t gone off, I was late for class, I had to throw on my clothes and go to class without showering. Sure enough, when I woke up my alarm hadn’t gone off….

    I don’t usually have realistic dreams. I have the kind of dreams where I’m late for exams and I can’t find my pencil, so I have to borrow a pencil from my friend Brian who is in the hospital for some reason, and Brian only has a pencil that has been sharpened so often it’s maybe two inches long, and I’m trying to write with it and it’s VERY, very dull and after the exam I go to talk to the professor to see what I can do about my grade, and it turns out I can’t do anything. So I go on a road trip with a bunch of people (including Brian), the road is washed out and we end up accidentally driving into the ocean and I’m frantically trying to remember what Mythbusters said about getting out of a car in the water, and for some reason we get rescued by ferrets. Also, there’s a spaceship and someone shoots up a grocery store with an Uzi.

    I wake up from my dreams very, very tired but pretty much convinced they’re just dreams. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for that.


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