I Don’t See It

I’ve spent this week catching up on Season 3 of “True Blood,” since my DVR and I have been having a disagreement about whether I really MEANT it when I said “Record all new episodes” (for the record, I did!).  But it’s on my onDemand now, so it’s all good.

I have, of course, read all the books as well, so I may be a little too into this storyline, but I gotta say it:  Why the FUCK would anyone date creepy emo Bill Compton in a world that has the super-HAWT Eric Northman in it???  THIS is why people call you “Crazy Sookie!”  One week — hell, one DAY — of listening to Bill’s bitch-ass whine about his poor dead family, I’d be OUT.  News flash, dumbass — EVERYONE’S family is dead in that show, you don’t hear them whining!

But I have noticed this ALWAYS happens to me — the ones I’m supposed to think are cute or whatever, I don’t see it.  Megan Fox?  SERIOUSLY?  She’s not only no longer biodegradable, but did you know she’s a mutant?  (look up a picture of her thumb).  Same goes for pretty much all the quote-unquote “hot” girls on TV — fuck a bunch of Kardashians, Paris Hilton is and has always been an albino skank, and PLEASE don’t get me started on those ho’s who used to live with Hugh Hefner! 

I think we’ve already addressed Daniel Craig (nope) and the Brothers Wilson (GAWD, nope!).  Who else are we supposed to think is cute on the boy side of things?  Can I count Patrick Stewart?  How about Aidan Quinn?



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23 responses to “I Don’t See It

  1. Jason Statham can take a ride on me ANYDAY of the week… um um um!! In ‘real’ life he is most likely some freaky dude who wears womans underwear and sniffs ear wax. But just for today I would like to believe he smells good, looks good, and is skilled beyond measure and has eyes ONLY for me!
    *I’m staked outside his house now! Do you think he will notice me???*


  2. I think we just started the best rumor since I accidentally told Chuckweasel that I was absolutely positively sure Vin Diesel was gay…


  3. WAIT…Vin Diesel is GAY? Wicked!!! That explains that movie I once saw with him doing “interesting” things with that guy from Good Will Hunting! …. Matt something or other? Anyway You would think Vin Diesel being the big guy he is would have a bigger package….its a good thing he is Gay!


    • see? I don’t know WHY I thought Vin Diesel was gay, but I was TOTALLY CONVINCED and I was actually pretty condescending to Chuckweasel that he didn’t know… until he proved to me I was retarded. Again.


  4. Dude, I agree COMPLETELY about the Bill vs Eric thing. WTF, Sookie? Look over there! See that guy? He’s hot. Now look at this other guy. He’s a whiny bitch who can’t pronounce your name. Get with the program!


    • I think the point is she saw Bill first and before she could fall for Hunky bill had gone and done his voodoo to make her his.
      I hated bill through half of series one…when they did it on the floor of the graveyard just after he crawled out of the dirt I was screaming, “GOD GIRL YOUR GONNA GET DISEASES FROM THAT DIRT UP YOU!” I’m sure it was supposed to be romantic…just like how doing it on a beach is…until you remember aged 12 what it FELT like to play soldiers belly-crawling in the sand and how that stuff gets. everywhere.


    • Yeah, every time he mangles her name I throw up in my mouth a little.


  5. Megan Fox has a big toe for a thumb, Paris Hilton has a wonky eye besides being a walking herpes sore, the Kardashians are skanky, ignorant, self -important bed sores and Eric Northman is one of my imaginary boyfreinds.


  6. I got all excited and musta had a typing woodie, that’s ” imaginary BOYFRIENDS.”


  7. I’ve never understood the entire Bill vs. Eric thing. I’m solidly Team Sam. Much prefer furry to fangs. Also, I have this weird habit of crushing on co-stars rather than the main person. If you watched Stargate Atlantis, most people would be crushing on Joe Flanigan. This makes sense. I wound up with a massive crush on Paul McGillion, who played the doctor. Which would make no sense to most people, but is totally par for the course for me. I think my libido might have an inferiority complex.

    I’m waiting for Netflix to release Season 3 of True Blood. Aargh, this process is WAY too slow.


    • Sam’s cute, but A) he’s from Wes’ BYGAWD Virginny, so we gals here can’t fantasize about him as well as everyone else can (we know no matter how cute he is, he probably dips snuff and eats pickled pig’s feet). And B) my apartment lease says I can’t have dogs.


  8. OMg I have to catch up on Season 3 too. So I stopped rading this part way through to avoid any spoilers, but i agree! Eric is sexy!


  9. Amen! I am Team Eric all the way, especially after reading the books. However, even if I hadn’t, Bill looks old. If I am going to have to deal with vampire stuff, life and death stuff, I prefer my vampire to not look like he died of old age.


  10. Being a guy, I can’t really comment, but isn’t Eric just a tad bit freaky? OK, so is Bill Compton, but wouldn’t you say that Eric is TOO much Goofus, whereas Bill is just the right mixture of Goofus and Gallant? I’m just sayin’.


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