I Did Ask for It…

Interesting fact:  When you name your kitten after a vampire, you should probably not be surprised to wake up and find her chewing on your neck.  Corrollary fact:  Tiny sharp kitten teeth leave marks that look suspiciously like a Barbie gave you hickeys.

Seriously, my peaceful slumber was interrupted last night by Mina gnawing and sucking on my throat!  I THINK (and HOPE) she was trying to nurse, because she also kept doing the kneading-with-the-feet thing — which is not that great on one’s larynx! — and I’ve been told that’s a nursing behavior.  It just goes to show how very young these kittehs are — poor little babies!

I finally got her to quit by distracting her with actual food, but when I woke up this morning, I have these tiny little nip-marks on my neck!  Hopefully, they’re so small no one will notice them who doesn’t know to look for them…  but in the meantime, I feel like the Queen of the White Trash Prom!

And one final fact:  Spraying cologne into your Kitteh-Hickehs hurts like a mother.



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20 responses to “I Did Ask for It…

  1. If we can’t see pictures of the kittehs. Can’t we at least see pictures of the kitteh hickehss?

    It is a nursing reflex but some cats never outgrow it, and it become a source of comfort. My mom had a cat that would suck on the bathroom rugs. Let me tell your 14 lbs of rug suckin’ is annoying as heck.


    • yeah, it’s sort of cute right now when she weighs less than a pouch of catfood and has teeny tiny teef, but if she’s still doing it as an adult there WILL be a discussion!


  2. Awesome 🙂 You might want to start sleeping with garlic 🙂


  3. Poco sucked on her toes if I held her like a baby when we snuggled. And, as you know, Kitten Thunder has the need to knead.

    I’m kind of jealous of your kitteh hickehs.


  4. Aww! She likesez you! So much so that she’s trying to turn you into a vampire too so you can always be together!

    Now that’s love.


  5. That happened to me once only the kitten seemed to be searching through my hair. I guessed it was looking for a nipple. It made me laugh like a crazy woman and the kids lined up to let the kitten do it to them. You need some kids in that house! lol


  6. Aww, she vants to suck your blood!

    Mina should be thanking her lucky stars that she doesn’t live with me. I’ve been known to brain the hubs for accidentally brushing against me in his sleep. Full-on biting would result in one dead kitteh before I even came fully awake.

    If you need an excuse for the hickeys, you could tell people you got busy with a pixie. They’re supposedly insatiable in bed, about the size of a Barbie, and like to bite. At least according to my paranormal romances, and if you can’t trust romance authors who CAN you trust?


  7. We either see kitteh photos soon or I’m gonna start thinking they’re imaginary. Which is kinda a cool thought. Imaginary pets would be easier to care for…


  8. Pro-tip for avoiding neck-gnaws and also re: perfume…. wear some to bed. I know Monkey can’t stand the smell up close, which is why I sprayed her previous favorite chair to claw to bit.
    Now the chair smells a lot like your aforementioned White Trash Prom Queen. Here’s to hoping it’s not knocked up.


  9. Isabel nursed me when I brought her home from the shelter. I was lying on the couch, and next thing I knew she had shimmied up my neck and latched on to my earlobe. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER.

    She kept going for my ears, but eventually I got her to settle for my thumb. I asked the vet during our first visit about her nursing, and he assured me that she would grow out of it in a few weeks.

    Eight years later, she still nurses two or three times a day.


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