I Admit Defeat

Alright, we all knew this would happen — the one thing I desperately, desperately did NOT want to name the boy kitten was “Marceau,” and so of course, that’s the name he answers to and seems to like.  Plus, that damn Chuckweasel won’t stop calling him that, so I seem to have been outvoted.  But he really does LOOK like a Marceau, so it’s for the best.

Callie Jean is getting more and more used to the idea that the kittens are actually alive and might possibly be very small cats (jury’s still out on that one).  And tiny insane Lucy has decided she wants to be Callie’s friend, so she keeps following her around and eating off her plate.  CJ doesn’t seem to know how to respond to having a kitten-stalker, but she hasn’t beat on Lucy yet, so maybe she’s okay with it?  Mina just follows me, but I’m trying to make her stop because she keeps jumping on my feet and one or both of us is gonna get hurt like that!

I took kitten mugshots on my stupid piece-of-crap phone this weekend, but now I can’t get them out… Off? Whatever, the only way you can see them is if you come over here and look at my phone.  So I’m gonna make Chuckweasel let me use his iPhone to take pictures and email them to myself — it has the Interwebz on it.  And if that doesn’t work, I will come to each one of your houses and describe what the kittens look like through the power of interpretive dance.



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18 responses to “I Admit Defeat

  1. Too promise kitten pictures and then take them away. That is just cruel.


  2. I’m all for the interpretive dance. What’s the correct move for “fuzzy”?


  3. Sometimes the animals name themselves, I think. You could always choose a middle name, or more than one, so that when you can feel like you have some control. I think this is why I don’t want to have kids. What if I accidentally name him “Pugsley” or “Pubert”?


    • I always worry that I’ll be hopped up on the drugs and name the baby something that sounds HILARIOUS to me at the time… but will in reality scar my child for life. Of course, most of my personality and behavior will do that anyway, which is why I have cats instead.


  4. Hey, just another reader demanding pictures of kittehs. 🙂

    As an aside, given a cat’s predeliction for winding about one’s ankles, particularly at the tops of stairs, I can’t help but wonder how many stair-related accidents are actually caused by the fuzzy little bestids…

    Just wondering. 🙂



    • Mina keeps getting in front of my foot as I step forward and getting herself kind of scooped up and flung off the end of my toes! She seems fine, but I’m so worried I’ll hurt her that now I walk around the house all high-stepping like Hitler!


  5. I’m dying to see an interpretative dance of kittens. Even more than the kitten pics. You can come over here anytime!

    Also, OF COURSE Marceau named himself. He’s a cat. Cats are assholes. Or twatwaffles if you prefer, although maybe that’s better for girl cats.


  6. That Chuckweasel and his shenanigans. It could be worse. He could have convinced Marceau his name was Nebuchadnezzar or something equally difficult to spell and say. Naming him Marceau probably saved you a lot in kitteh therapy bills.


    • this is true — The Weasel initially said he should be allowed to flat out CHOOSE the name for one of the cats, but I told him we were going to use the Native American method of letting their behavior and personalities determine their names. I’m a hardass.


  7. Yeah, I’m going to pray the iPhone doesn’t work because kitteh by interpretive dance has GOT to be worth the wait of your drive to Houston!

    I’m sure of it!


  8. Since you named him Marceau, shouldn’t you come to our houses to describe the kitties via mime?

    Also, Monkey named herself. Yet she refuses to eat bananas. Thank gawd because the thought of banana cat farts are too horrendous.


    • oh dear gawd, I think you might actually melt if a cat farted banana farts at you. Callie Jean’s ham farts are considered a weapon of mass destruction! And I will not mime, it would kill my Dear Sweet Mama.


  9. Awesome, I’ll sell tickets and people can come to your crazy cat lady interpretive dance show ..and that should maybe pay for your plane ticket…how good are you? Maybe it’ll just pay for you to stowaway on a ship


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