Such a Geek

Okay, so I have settled on “Mina” and “Lucy” for the girl kittens who bite, and they actually seem to be learning that that’s who they are.  As for the kitten currently known as “Marceau,” I still need help!

See, the whole reason he was gonna be “Marceau” is that he has a little white face like a mime.  But what he really looks like (and yes, I realize this would be better with pictures, which I will endeavor to get taken this weekend, I promise!) is that Japanese red panda.  Except he’s grey.  But the face is the same. 

So here are some options:

“Kitsune” (Japanese for fox)

“Shiuaa” (Hopi for “painted face”)

“Gully” (phonetic spelling of Cherokee word for “raccoon”)

“Shifu” (the red panda character from “Kung Fu Panda” — which I did not see)

“Tanooki” (Japanese for raccoon)

As you can see, I’m getting in over my head here.  I need HEP, y’all!



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29 responses to “Such a Geek

  1. “Banpaia” is Japanese for vampire. “Danmari” is Japanese for mime.
    Bandan covers it all.


  2. “Danmari” makes me think of the Osmonds. Too creepy, can’t hack it.


  3. I’m voting for Tanooki. Or does that sound too much like Snookie?


  4. Lizzybeth

    How about “Bob” or “boB” (that’s Bob spelled backwards)… When he is older, of course he would be your… wait for it…. Bobcat!!!! 😀


  5. Hmm… Pandamime? Combo of both that sounds like Pantomime?


  6. I still like Marceau. And remember that other people have to pronounce their names. I ran into that issue with Zensai (Japanese for appetizer), which I though was an easy word to pronounce. First, it was not easy for anyone to remember so finally I just told people to call him Zen. Second, EVERYone mispronounces it Zinsei.

    I am just grateful I didn’t go with Ohiru (lunch) because the Japanese “R” would be too much for the family to handle. We did spend an entire class learning and practicing it.


    • I still think it’s just the slightest bit sick that you named poor Zen after food in the first place… but funny! And I’m probably gonna end up sticking with Marceau — that’s what he looks like!


  7. I would be tempted to keep up the Dracula theme… Renfield? Van Helsing? Johnathan Harker? I totally understand the need to make a comment about kitten-little’s face, but for the sake of continuity, I would be really really tempted.


  8. Tanooki – it’s just fun to say out loud


  9. I like the vampire theme too. Lestat would be very old-worldy. I like it. I would say please don’t name him Cullen or Edward, but I am not afraid to admit that I lurve Twilight (and drool over Shark Boy all grown up), so if Cullen or Edward or any of the other undead sex symbols trip yer trigger, go forth, and name him as such.


  10. Kitsune to me is a girl’s name (I blame Rilo Kiley). I’m going to put in a last bid for Harker — Renfield is too much to saddle the poor kit with. Banpaia would be kind of fun. Ban-Dan is a Japanese toy company, so definitely not that. Pandamime is amusing and fun to say, but people will expect him to be black and white. Tanooki is going to have to be followed by “you know, like Snooki,” way too much for anyone’s sanity.

    And….I’m out of ideas. I’m only good at opinions.


  11. Chris Cochran

    My youngest love Kung Fu Panda and for that reason I would go with Shifu…However I would name it Quincy to stay in the Dracula theme.


  12. I like Kitsune or Tanooki. I would vote against Shiuaa — I’m just guessing at the pronunciation, but it seems like it would be similar enough to “shoo” to be confusing.


  13. I like kitsune a lot….but I think it’s also a pokemon. (I named Evie after the pokemon Eevee, (the cutest pokemon ever)…until D found out “s**t..i’ve agreed to a pokemon name haven’t I” hehe so then she became Evie. It doesn’t matter anyway I can shout “GO POKEMON GO” all I like she doesn’t do anything amazing…guess I have to wait for her to evolve. 😉


    • my favoprite Pokemon (yes, I had a favorite, even though I very seldom watched the show and never played the card game — didn’t know how) was Bulbasaur. Or maybe Squirtle. Because when they said their names they were so cute.


  14. Must … see … photos …



    • I took pictures on my stupid phone, and now I cannot get them out! Chuckjweasel is gonna have to let me use his iPhone — he has an iPhone, you know. Like Laura.


    • What is it with the food theme? And I cannot name him Sushi, ’cause then when Chuckweasel asks what I’m eating for dinner and I say “Sushi,” the poor kitten will be terrified!


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